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It was in the 90s of the last century when maxi bags became fashionable for the first time. They were no longer shopping bags, or beach bags, they were huge bags to lose yourself in, if necessary. The fashion of large bags is a backfire: they break your back, you never find anything, it's always full of what you don't need... It's like that.

But fashions are what they are, and when the first rays of "back to school" return, you have to organize. Luxury brands must have thought that with so many masks, hydroalcoholic gel, disinfectant wipes, in addition to the usual "luggage", this was a good time to recover the infinite bag.

The first to put it on sale this summer have been Loewe, Christian Dior and Fendi. Goyard, in the maxi version of him, always opted for "the big bag".

¡Vuelven los maxibolsos! | El HuffPost

Those of Fendi are particularly striking. For this season they have launched two models: the Sunshine Shopper, the perfect bag to store all your essentials. The model is made of brown leather with the inscription "Fendi Roma" heat stamped. The second, baptized as Fendi Way, is made of leather and a daring design, more urban,

Although we are not fans of maxi bags, it is essential to have at least one in our closet. In the back of the closet or not so far away. This fall, if you are young, you will see that you alternate with the backpack to go to university; if you are a mother with small children, you will carry bottles and diapers inside your maxi bag; and if you are a more 'mature' mother, inside you will place the kit of masks and the computer for work.