Rocío Carrasco already has his own doll: "It represents the strength of an empowered woman"

Beyond his testimony that has served as a speaker for many women, Rocío Carrasco has also inspired creativity with his style, generating a movement that is already known as 'Carrasquista'.From his fuchsia suit, color of female empowerment, his characteristic shaved hair or the same phoenix that has been tattooed behind his back, all this has acquired a symbolic sense from which different artists are echoing.

In order to give visibility to an example of a strong woman who has broken her silence and who is determined notBecause it already has its own Barbie style doll.

His is not the typical image of blond and high doll that we all have in mind.For the creation of this miniature model of Rocío Carrasco, (which by the way, it is not for sale) its author has been inspired by the star graphic element with which he gave a testimony that has changed everything: his jacket suit andfuchsia pants that wore throughout his interview.

Rocío Carrasco con su característico traje en ‘Rocío, contar la verdad para seguir viva’

The architect who has made it possible for Rocío Carrasco to have his own doll is called Juan José Díaz and is a 35 -year -old Malaga.With him we have contacted Outdoor made by the love he has put in this creation that since he has seen the light has received all kinds of good comments.His first muse and the one that began in a hobby that occupies him more and more time was Monica Naranjo and with the daughter of Rocío Jurado has now played a roof.

His artistic name and with which he appears on his Instagram account is Marquesito Dolls and is defined "as a Dolls Reroot Artist", a facet that tries to combine with his work as a security guard in a well -known museum in the Andalusian city.From its same house turned into a study, Juan José is shaping different women, divas and great influential ladies that serve as inspiration and model for many others.This is how he has decided to launch the doll of himself Rocío Carrasco.

Rocío Carrasco ya tiene su propia muñeca:

Walking on Instagram we have found authentic jewels made of dolls and Rocío Carrasco is already one of them, how does your project arise?

Born from the fan phenomenon.I am admirer of a great Spanish artist, Mónica Naranjo and as a child he collected and bought everything from her.Years ago I wanted my album and edition collection to be different from those of the other fans and I wanted to make the artist's professional career in each phase of her life.And well I specifically felt the concern of learning this art and began to make dolls.

How do you make the dolls?What is your technique?

I do them with acrylic paintings and the technique is Countouring to make the factions.The base is from a Barbie and the rest of the secrets I keep them...

Rocío Carrasco has now entered in your wide collection...

Mónica Naranjo was the seed that prompted me to get my artistic abilities since in the work that I develop I cannot exercise my creativity.This arose like a hobby and then I have been expanding my collection with more characters and artists and precisely Rocío Carrasco moved me.

What does this doll represent for you with which you have welcomed 2022?

Rocío Carrasco represents the strength, change and equality of an empowered woman.I can't be happier of this work and everything that has made visible.

If your doll came to Rocío Carrasco, what would you say?

Well, in his case, everything has surprised me.I was not waiting for me to have such a good reception because as soon as I get it, I have rained the positive comments.I am happy and hopefully my work arrives and, above all, that he is represented by him.I have done it from the maximum respect because it seems to me a symbol of feminism and is a great claim against gender and vicaria violence.

Out of curiosity, is this doll for sale?

No, right now or the rest of the dolls are on sale, although I do not rule it out in the future.Right now I am working a lot on it and it is a project that will see the light to the public when it is 3.000 dolls.Meanwhile it is a hobby, but I intend to create my own museum.

And how many have you already made to reach that goal?

I've been around 478 dolls right now.It is a constant not to stop work and dedication, but I already tell you that it does not bother me because for the moment it is a hobby that I enjoy very much.It is an inexplicable feeling when I see them finished.They are 'minihumas'.It is a very rewarding job.

Some of the artists who have become a wrist contact you?

Diana Navarro made a comment.Yurena and Pelopony have contacted me, but Monica Naranjo, for example, has never done so.I would have liked a good word or a simple like, but good.I am happy with what I do, I don't need the artist's approval either.

Do you have in mind for your collection any more Telecinco character?

Yes, of course.I always usually make divas or important women of both the artistic and social scenario or characters that seem peculiar and, precisely now, I have between Aramís Fuster with the famous outfit of their entrance to 'GH VIP'.The latter will soon see the light...(Serie).