Aurah Ruiz, heartbroken after passing the covid: "I did not want to get vaccinated"

    That vaccination against COVID is being a complete success in our country despite those who want to put stones in the way is a fact: the figures speak for themselves, but, despite all the information that exists, there are still people who they are afraid of some vaccines that they describe as "experimental", and some of these people are famous like Aurah Ruiz. After learning that the police had deactivated a health organization that had allegedly issued false vaccination certificates to people like the singer Omar Montes, the former great sister has come clean and recently confessed on her mtmad channel that she has just passed covid without being fully vaccinated.

    Aurah did not hide at any time that she preferred not to get the punctures, but finally, convinced by her surroundings, and taking into account that her parents are sanitary, she decided to do it, with the bad luck that between the first and the second she got infected: " After years of avoiding it, I was infected with covid. I've had a pretty bad time. I know that many people go through it differently and that this new strain is not so serious, but I did have a serious time. I spent 15 days without seeing anyone, not even my son," he revealed.

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    "Some will remember that I did not want to be vaccinated, but in the end they convinced me and I got the first vaccine, which gave me time, because before the second I had already been infected, so since my body did not have antibodies or that immunity, because I got pretty sick", added Aurah, who with fear in her body saw the days go by, she was getting worse and worse and what could have been a couple of days in bed turned into two weeks doing tests that they continued to test positive: "Now the test has finally been negative, but I have had consequences. I do feel that I am still not well, but it will be little by little," she said resignedly.

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