5 ways to look spectacular in pareo

The cloth, usually in the shape of a rectangle, with which women wrap their bodies, usually over a bathing suit, is known as pareo. It is one of the essential pieces on beach vacations during the summer, because they take up little space in the suitcase and can be turned into different garments.

The word pareo is of Tahitian origin and means to join or join two objects. Perhaps that is why this piece was given this name, because to use it it does not require buttons or closures, but simply join the ends or the middle in different ways and knot them.

It is said that Tahitian women covered themselves with this cloth not only to dress, but to practice their dances. Later, its use spread to Indonesia and India and, finally, to the whole world. The first sarongs had botanical prints but, over time, flowers and tropical motifs were incorporated, as well as plain proposals and neon colors.

Currently, a pareo is so versatile that it can solve several looks for us during our stay on a beautiful beach, when we have the opportunity to visit them again.

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It can be used to get out of the sea or the pool. Or, wear it as a blouse or skirt and, depending on its pattern, it could be the dress to attend a casual dinner.

Don't forget to complete your look with the right shoes and accessories. During the day, sandals are enough, without accessories; at night, on the other hand, you can wear high espadrilles and maxi necklaces.

In De Última we tell you 5 ways to use the pareo to look spectacular


If you have a top that you love and you don't know how to combine it, you can use the pareo as a long skirt.

Lay the rectangle behind you, holding the ends of the widest part. Pass them forward and adjust it to your waist and hips. Knot the ends so that there is a bit of fabric overhang towards the front.

Now you have a sexy skirt that exposes your legs from the front. If you prefer, turn the fabric a little so that you have the opening on one side.


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So that there is not too much fabric and you do not have balls on your chest, try to use a small sarong. One for a girl will be perfect.

First, you need to place the rectangle diagonally in front of you. Later, fold it in half, as shown in the image.

Now wrap the base around your torso and tie at the back. Bring the ends up and adjust at the nape of the neck.

You already have an original and colorful halter top.


Skirt pants

It is one of the most original ways to use it, and it is very simple! You just have to place the pareo under your legs at the narrowest part.

Pull up the end that was left in front, adjust at your waist or hips (according to your preference) and tie in the back. Now, go up the end that was left behind, adjust and tie in front.

This skort is perfect for the afternoon. Combine it with your favorite top or blouse.


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One shoulder dress

To achieve this, you just have to place the sarong behind you, considering that the widest part remains as the base.

Wrap the fabric around yourself so that the top ends cross. Adjust to your body and fasten over one shoulder. Make a knot.


halter dress

Halter neck dresses are perfect for a dinner by the sea, because you will look dressed up, but with a casual touch.

You can get a beautiful dress in a few minutes. You just have to place the pareo behind you. Hold it by the widest part.

Take the top ends and cross them in front. Then take them back again. Knot them, as shown in the image. You are ready to go!


To create harmony, if your sarong is printed, you can wear a plain swimsuit underneath or, alternatively, black underwear.