A reporter shows the breasts to finish a report

Susi Caramelo, humorist and reporter of ‘Those who were missing’, the dress is lowered in a ‘photocall’


It has been a long time since someone like that was seen covering an event for television.This is Susi Caramelo, humorist, presenter and reporter of the program that missing zero (Movistar+), which ended up showing the breasts in a hilarious report covering the presentation of a prestigious perfume in Madrid to which they came in influencersnational and international.

Una reportera enseña los pechos para acabar un reportaje

The constant caramel jokes exceed the lack of interest that some of the interviewees can have.Moreover, in some cases, the program only shows the questions and jokes of the reporter without knowing, not even, what the guests answer.But the spectator does not miss it at any time.

The report is divided into two parts.In the first, Susi Caramelo does not hesitate to flirt with a television camera, keep the pending of Carmen Lomana or jump for joy when she realizes that Dua Lipa, the photocall star, will not finally make statements.He is glad because she, admits, does not know English.

In the second installment of the report begins to interview different influencers from our country.The majority accumulate millions of followers but the irreverent, fun and sly caramel questions are the truly notable report.The dresses that the guests look at the event are also the object of analysis.An analysis that ends with a full -fledged top.

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