A satanic ritual with beheaded chickens


Three beheaded chickens, a dead dove and a small mud bowl with curd blood.The remains of a satanic ritual were discovered yesterday morning in a Valencia park next to the Ruzafa Local Police retainer.A neighbor went alarmed to the police to report the macabre find.The clock marked half past nine in the morning.The dead birds were a few meters from a school.The scene had already awakened the curiosity of schoolchildren and mothers.Some of the minors even photographed the sacrificed animals with their mobiles.

The stir in the park was big.From the comments they went to the cabals in a few seconds.Several neighbors expressed their opinion on an alleged African rite before the police arrived.«This is black magic with dead chickens.There are many immigrants at the source of San Luis, and in their countries they sacrifice animals to make offerings or undo the evil, ”said Vicente M., a neighbor of Pintor Sabater Street.

Shortly after the woman went to the Ruzafa retainer, several local police moved to the place and carried out the corresponding proceedings for a crime of animal abuse.The remains of the ritual were found next to a tree at the crossroads of Paco Pierra and Pintor Sabater streets.The heads of the birds were wrapped in a paper where some satanic symbols painted.After photographing the beheaded chickens, the agents warned the company that collects dead animals in the city of Valencia.Minutes later, the park recovered normality.

Un ritual satánico con gallinas decapitadas

According to an expert sect priest, whose identity we omit by express desire of the source, in most satanic rituals the animals are sacrificed to drink a little blood, as a simile of the moment of the Eucharist when the priest drinks the bloodof Christ.Thus, some rites are "simple teasing of the meaning of sacrifice in the Christian religion," says the priest.

The animals that kill are mainly edible, such as chickens, pigeons or lambs, and offerings serve for liturgical invocations of very small groups of people.In recent years, remains of rituals with beheaded animals have been detected in several populations of the Valencian Community.The places where macabre ceremonies celebrate are very varied: cemeteries, abandoned houses, parks, forests and even in the old Turia river in the city of Valencia.Article 337 of the Criminal Code punishes with penalty from three months to one year in prison the crime of animal abuse.

According to the sect expert, the economic crisis becomes a cultivation broth for the proliferation of these groups, and leaders capture adherents among the most vulnerable people in society.What they begin as free or ritual activities to move away evil, become weekly conferences - under the appearance of cultural or philosophical acts - or animal sacrifices, and end up catching the person and annuling even part of her will.