Bikini for this summer?Thus the swimsuits have changed throughout history

Nota del editor: esta historia fue publicada originalmente en en 2013¿Bikini para este verano? Así han cambiado los trajes de baño a lo largo de la historia ¿Bikini para este verano? Así han cambiado los trajes de baño a lo largo de la historia

(CNN) - Do you prefer it or better a bikini?Speedo swimsuit or comfortable?Whatever your choice, we assure you that you did not take it in the void under the lights of a dressing room.The story has been shaping the styles of today's swimsuits, in ways we could never imagine.Look at the gallery to learn how modesty, functionality and style evolution affected the dresses you carry to the water.

Here we leave you some of the most relevant data on the swimsuit industry

17.6 billion dollars: that is the estimated income figure that the bathroom dresses market achieved in 2015, according to the Global Industry Analyst research firm.

4 It is the average number of swimsuits that an American woman had for 2012, according to a research by Statistics Brain statesmen.


¿Bikini para este verano? Así han cambiado los trajes de baño a lo largo de la historia

20% of women assured that they are concerned about what the general public thinks when they wear a bathroom dress, according to what a recent survey of the Land’s End clothing company.And 7 out of 10 told the company that the entries prefer.

46% of men in the United States confessed that they feel that their abdominals were not ready to be exhibited on the beach or in the pool, as recorded by a survey made by Anytime Fitness.

1920s: The decade in which the Australian bathing company Speedo launched its first suit made with other materials different from wool.

July 5, 1946: Louis Reard launched the "bikini" in a popular Poly pool in Paris.(A similar bathroom dress, called "Atome", was also created by that time. Its creator was fashion designer Jacques Heim.

193.5 square centimeters: the amount of fabric in one of the first bikinis.In one of his advertising campaigns, Reard said that a swimsuit was not a real bikini unless it could be thrown through a wedding ring.Does anyone have a bathtub?No one?

1958: The year in which the Lycra textile company revealed that scientists created the material of the same name, which would benefit the swimwear fallen everywhere.

1964: The first year in which Sports Illustrated magazine published an edition dedicated to bathroom dresses.

$ 12.95: The modern price of a bathroom made of rubber, vintage style with flowers, for women in the Vermont Country store.

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