Do not wash these underpants, never get dirty

Es cierto. Parece una guarrería, pero no es así. Una start up londinense ha creado ropa interior que puede utilizarse varias semanas seguidas sin que se ponga sucia y huela mal. ¿Cómo es posible? Gracias a su tela recubierta con un compuesto de plata, que aniquila las bacterias responsables el mal olor y pueden resultar peligrosas para tu salud. Be Clothed ha conseguido, además, desarrollar un producto que está comprometido con el medio ambiente: consume menos agua y menos energía. De hecho, sólo hay que pensar en el ahorro que se produce al no tener que estar utilizando la lavadora constantemente.No laves estos calzoncillos, no se ensucian nunca No laves estos calzoncillos, no se ensucian nunca

“Our mission is to reinvent the relationship we have daily with clothes.We wanted it to be good for you, but also for the world.The garments are designed to eliminate the smell, which translates into less washed and, therefore, in less water and energy, ”the company collects in the crowdfunding they presented to finance the project.In a short time, they got the support of 1.300 sponsors. “Nuestros productos están hechos de algunos de los mejores materiales y están diseñados intencionalmente para durar años”.

No laves estos calzoncillos, no se ensucian nunca

This is not the first sustainable fashion idea that reaches the market.In May 2019, a Danish Start Up presented the same product: they used the silver technology that NASA uses to purify the water that its astronauts drink, but applied to the underwear.In this way, they managed to burn not only bacteria, but also end the bad smell.“Cotton is intertwined with fiber threads of this metal, which are intertwined to ensure total coverage.When any part of the garment plays a bacterial cell, breaks its cell wall and leaves it inactive and unable to produce the smell that occurs when it feeds on sweat, ”they add from Be Clothe.

The brand has presented garments available for both men and women: t -shirts, socks, underpants and panties.All of them manufactured with similar materials and similar treatments.The designs are classic, sober and practical.In addition, they look for neutral colors with simple shapes that do not generate skin marks and have sizes available for all bodies."Cotton is super light and durable.As a result, we have one of the best materials that exist: comfort and quality are guaranteed with each use ”, they conclude.