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It is possible that under the tree a bra from the Magi.Or even that you have had to exercise and help your majesty to find a lingerie model for someone dear.In any case, and before looking at the details, lace or color, be sure that it is your size.

Some surveys say that seven out of 10 women carry an inadequate bras, and some lingerie firm even maintains that 90% of its clients do not know for sure what size the USA.It is true that the cocktail of figures and label letters does not help when entering the tester.

The first, peace of mind.Dr. Carlos Vázquez, president of the Spanish Society of Senology and Breast Pathology, insists that carrying an inadequate supporter size does not cause any serious health problems (much less cancer, as in some websites you can read)."It can cause compression skin irritations," yes, he admits, and some discomfort, "but no pathology".

As Luis Moya, physiotherapist responsible for the Humanitas Clinic in Madrid adds, the most common problems that come to the consultation have to do with back pain, "especially at the dorsal and cervical level".As he explains, in the case of women of a certain age and with the large chest, the ligaments that support the breast (the so -called Cooper ligaments) are already more relaxed over time, which causes the chest to bemore fallen than at younger ages."That usually makes the bra, which can cause shoulder problems squeeze more from the account because the strap presses on the rotator sleeve," he explains.

Razaduras and back pain

Remember that the mammary gland is not a muscle in itself, but a structure based on fatty and connective tissue, supported on the pectoral muscle thanks to those cooperations of Cooper.In addition to age, chest size or not carry a bra, a study by the University of Kentucky (USA) suggested in 2008 that tobacco could be behind the fall of the chest, because its ingredients reduce the amount of elastin of elastin ofThose ligaments.

In the case of younger women, Moya continues, they are also those with the biggest chest who usually suffer more pains, "because the back has to coach forward because of the weight, which makes the dorsal kyphosis increase a little".Although in this case, as Dr. Vázquez continues, back pains are more related to the size of the breast than with the bra itself.

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Returning to Brassiere, Moya points out that other problems caused by inappropriate size can be the appearance of fat packages because of the hoop that is nailed or the frictions and irritations in the skin in the areas of the seams ("especially at the dorsal level").When sleeping, the physiotherapist recommends, it is advisable to part with the garment so that the skin rests.

Although there are not many published scientific studies on this garment, those that are underlined the problems that sports can be done with an inappropriate support (precisely because of the effects of impacts and movement - at the same time, for example - in the cooperate ligaments).In these works (no more than a dozen if it is divered in the PubMed database) there is also a certain consensus in which women are with big breasts who have the most problems to find a correct size.In one of them, published in 2008 in the magazine Chiropractic and Manual Therapies, 70% of them carried a smaller size than I needed, although the authors admitted that more studies were necessary to know if thoracic or back pain couldbe related to this inadequate size.

Choose the size

Nuria Díaz, Women 'Secret design director;And Mar Ponte, head of the firm's Corsetry Department, explain the keys to choose a correct braze size."The number (85, 90, 100...) Indicates the size of the contour, which is obtained by measuring the back contour just below the chest.The Cup (A, B, C, D...) It is obtained by measuring all the depth of the chest, at the height of the nipples ".That is, Francesc Puertas, author of the book 'The support, myths and legends' explains, "if a woman undergoes a chest increase or reduction, she will have to change the cup, but she will keep the same contour size".

Among the things that they advise to take into account when choosing a support, is that the width of the strap is adequate (so that it is not key), that adjusts well (so that it does not go too tense or too comfortable...), that the hoop is not key, that it does not get too tight on the back and press the circulation, which is manufactured with natural materials (such as cotton) and that adapts to each circumstance of the woman (such as pregnancy, theBreastfeeding, physical exercise, recovery after breast cancer...).

In Spain, according to this underwear, the best selling size is the 90b, although they admit that the big glasses are increasingly sold."There are important differences between countries," both explain, "in the north countries, women usually have more chest than in the south.In Arab countries, for example, many glasses A and 'Push Up' are sold, while in Asia it takes more crushed chest ".

Precisely this year 100 years of the first patent record of something similar to the current bra are completed.As Francesc Door explains, Mary Phelps Jacob (daughter of Robert Fulton, inventor of the steam engine) was the first to patent something similar to two scarves linked to strings, so it is considered that she is the 'mother' of the modern bra.Although there are much older testimonies about the use of a rudimentary garment to hold the chest (one of the first 'gadgets' dates back to year 1.700 AC, in the Cretan culture, according to the doors itself).

The modern bra, explain those responsible for the commercial firm, is composed of about 30 different pieces, which always turn from the cup.Lingerie stores current...);Choose the one who chooses, this corsetry expert summarizes, the important thing is that each woman choose the correct size and the most appropriate model to each occasion.

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