How much does a chest weigh?Japan and science have the answer

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Do you miss with the fasteners?Are you not sure what your size is?Discover how much breasts weigh in animal units.

I confess: I'm a woman and cost me 25 years.And to say that you use the 90 is not enough, because that only refers to the size of the breasts, but a letter for its contour is also required.

El 70% de mujeres usa una talla que no es la suya

As you will see, finding the perfect bra is not simple, and in fact it is recommended to follow a series of tips that you can read in Elle.I eat?Have I missed and this is a fashion website?And I thought I was reading a science and technology website!

You are still in the right place, but it often tends to think that a bra is something aesthetic and it is not so.To tell the truth, a correct choice of the bra and its size has greatly impact on postural ergonomics and, ultimately, the health of the owner of all this.

Realize that women live with two muscle balls located in the thorax.We run, we jumped, dance, etc..With them and inappropriate subjection can be fatal in the medium and long term.

¿Cuánto pesa un pecho? Japón y la ciencia tienen la respuesta

How to know what a bras is yours?Personal Shopper course

As the ABC newspaper explains, an average chest weighs 0.5 kilograms.In addition, each bosom contributes approximately 5.4% of the total body fat and more or less, 1% of the weight of a woman.But it is not the same to have an 85 than a 100.

The truth is that if you are imagining how your life with a milk tetrabrick attached to your thorax, it probably don't seem like so much for so much.Fortunately Japan and his curious way of seeing things will help you understand you.

If the breasts were like a milk box attached to the body, we would not notice anything.But if the hypnotic running you saw in the slow motion in the beach guards.

Here you can see it clearer:

As you can see, Cup A would be the equivalent of having two canaries in your bra, the B would be equivalent to two Hamsters, the C to two hedgehogs, the D to two bunnies and finally the E to two chickens.Although the announcement goes to E, you have to know that there are more letters, but it serves to get the idea perfectly.

And now you see them running, practicing boxing, tennis, jumping to the comma, volleyball...Come on, quite common activities, and similar to running so as not to lose the subway or climb stairs.

Although it is not the same, the animals reproduce a behavior similar to those of the breasts, and help us understand the importance of choosing a good bra and that this is of the right size.

Dolores, quistes, problemas de riego... son el resultado de un sujetador inadecuado

The Pillow Brav underwear along with the University of Barcelona conducted a study published in Health a few years ago whose conclusion shows that almost 70% of women use a bra that is not suitable **.

What can happen if you use a bra that is not your size?Problems such as accelerating sagging, bad blood irrigation, back pain, shoulders, breasts, inflammatory processes and cysts.

So you know, if you don't want to end health problems, invest your time to find the size that best suits you.Do it for those animals that you keep in your bra.

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