The mini bags are super trend: this time the size does not matter

With the arrival of summer it is time to get diet and this year it seems that even our portfolios have been put in regime and have suffered an incredible weight loss.Gone are the times of the XXL bag that allowed us.

It all started a year ago when Jacquemus launched a bag that he baptized as "Le Chiquito".The name already said everything, its dimensions were tiny and immediately became the protagonist of jokes and all kinds of memes through social networks.When did it go from mockery to one of the most desired luxury pieces?

In the last year we have seen how the bag has lost its practical purpose to become an aesthetic accessory.Jacquemus was the precursor but soon other luxury firms such as Dior were followed and, after having conquered international catwalks, this summer the most affordable brands have managed to translate them into the street style by adding some (few) centimeters more.

The invasion of the mini bags

To recognize them, the mini bags are not small, they are extremely small.Within them you can only save what is necessary, little more than the mobile phone, some keys and a credit card.Look at the positive side, you will finally go to the street with the essential and your back will thank you to leave all the "just in case" at home.In addition, that of searching and searching inside the bag until we find something we have lost will be a thing of the past, in the mini bags everything is located in a matter of thousandths of second.

Another of the advantages we have is that, being currently, the brands have opted for them and we can find them in all types of materials such as skin, raffia or jute and in any color you want or need.The mini bags are already an independent family that, like their older brothers, we can find all the styles and trends to give the perfect final touch to any of your summer outfits.

The debate is served: useful or simple posture?Today in Voicepuli we propose to convince you to move on to the tiny side and undertake the mission impossible to minimize the things you need to put in the bag.To do this we are going to recommend the best way to take them and we propose designs of different styles, tastes and budgets.The size can be mini, the price too (or not).

How to carry a mini bag?

These types of bags can have a tiny size so brands have devised different forms to continue resulting in a useful accessory.One of the most widespread formulas is to sell two bags at the same time, on the one hand we have one in the usual format to which we are accustomed and, on the other, one matching a mini version.We can use them together or separately and it is a very practical way to join the trend.

The following proposal is to get a mini bag that can be taken in the belt.The result is similar to that of a frog but with a much more fashionista image.In some brands you will find them with a built -in belt and on other occasions with buckles so you can combine it with any belt you already have at home.Another option within this solution is the models that can be hung from the bodies of the pants as a keychain.

Finally we have the formula that elevates these microscopic bags at the height of jewels.They are those designs that are prepared to wear their neck as necklaces (care with weight in these cases) or with a minicorrhea so that you carry them fastened to the wrist or as ankle.What is the Sumun of the trend?Those designs whose hand.

Los mini bolsos son súper tendencia: esta vez el tamaño no importa

The mini bags you can bet

As we have said before, the mini bags are not limited to a single trend so we can find them in multiple styles.If you want to invest in a basic this summer, it is best to get a blank design.It is a tone of the freshest and that you can combine with all kinds of prints, fabrics and colors.Brands have agreed to choose it as the perfect color for this type of accessories.

Although white has been crowned as the star color, that does not mean that within the royalty of the mini bags there are not much more tones to choose from.The best thing you can do is refresh what are the colors that are going to dye this summer, analyze the ones you already have at home and fill the box that you need to buy a new bag in this size mini.Maybe in your dressing room you have pastel or fluorine deficit and need a small dose to compensate.

If we pass from colors to the fabrics, now the absolute protagonist is the python.September cannot arrive and you have not complemented any look with a mini bag in this material.Look at the selection that we have prepared for you.Maybe by photo you don't appreciate, but one of them is so small that you will only fit coins inside you.Who'd say?

Another of the trends in this type of bag is to imitate the famous Chanel model and choose a padded design.In Mini format, these materials are most delicate and also give you the opportunity to get multiple facets.From a more festive image, if we adorn them with studs;a basic not to take off in days, if we turn to neutral tones such as black or beige;or a bag with a more sporty character.

This summer the artisanal is very fashion so that the mini bags can be a perfect occasion to join the trend by choosing a design made in natural materials such as the jute, the croche, the esparto or the leather.In this case you have to have a precaution, these bags are usually carried crossed in the form of a shoulder.

The format bags are immortal but in recent years we usually associate them with more party looks and wear them as clutchs.We know what envelopes there are all sizes until you reach the size of a visiting card.Its fashion version does not fall behind and we also find bags on any size per small that seems like.The best thing about this silhouette is that, in most cases, we can choose between carrying them in hand or hung as a bandit.

Another of the favorite formats of the minibols are the elongated or cubic forms.They take the silhouette of mobile phones and that is that, practically, they will be the only thing you can carry within them.The best way to wear them is with a long handle that crosses your body as a bandit.

If you want the mini bag to be the most important element of your outfit, what you have to do is give it the maximum prominence by choosing a short handle design.You will take it at all times..

We close the review of the universe of the mini bags in style.We are going to party to show that we can make use of them at any time of the day, even late at dawn (if the restrictions allow it).In these cases nothing better than betting on a waste of metallic studs, chains and ornaments to get the fetish complement of any rock star.

Have you already decided what side do you want to get ready?Are you one of those who think that mini bags are the last useless fashion whim or are you convinced that it is the summer complement?