The 10 classic bags to start a wonderful collection of bags

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How many times have you reflected on the idea of spending less in bags to get a classic one?One of those timeless icons that have written the history of fashion, such as 2.55 of Chanel or the Lady Dior.We know that your next thought is: "I can't talk, I can't invest so much in a single bag".However, you may not consider it in an appropriate way, and our work today will be to convince you that it is much better idea of what you think.

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10 iconic bags for your collection

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Los 10 bolsos clásicos para empezar una maravillosa colección de bolsos

Here is our reasons:

- Because they never go out of style: they are mythical for something and have an indelible story behind them.So you must think that you will always put them, be the age you are and seen as views.

- Because if you are a real love with fashion, you must have at least one of them.If you call yourself as fashionista, you can not miss in your collection.

- Because you will not really spend as much as you think.A trick: Start saving the money you spend a month to buy a multitude of bags you get tired at the moment.You'll see how the accounts begin to square.

- Because they are revalued over time.Who has a luxury bag, has a treasure.And he has it forever.This is not like a car, which loses value as soon as you get it from the concessionaire.Over the years, your bag becomes vintage, and its price can even triple.