The 5 garments that have turned Gucci into one of the most luxurious fashion houses in the world

When it comes to fashion, it is inevitable to think of Gucci as one of the most popular brands and, in turn, one of the most expensive.The Italian fashion house is probably the most important worldwide and has known how to reinvent itself in its almost one hundred years of history (since 1921).Over time, different garments that have become iconic for the brand and that have made it a few hundred thousand euros have taken over sale.

In recent years, since Alessandro Michele became the creative director of the brand in 2015, Gucci has even won more value.In fact, in 2020, according to the Lyst platform, Gucci has been the most popular brand in the world, after Nike and Off-White.How have they achieved it?creating an experience for each client.Gucci has been in charge of demonstrating, in a thousand ways, that although it is a face, it is worth investing in it because, more than a garment, it ends up being an experience.

In almost 100 years, the brand has launched some garments that have remained in the memory of all fashion lovers.From the wallets to the famous moccasins, Gucci has managed to stay in the minds of all fashion bloggers from before the term will begin to be used.Here we present five garments that have turned the Italian fashion house into one of the most famous, important and iconic brands in the world.

Mocasines con forma de garra de avestruz sombreada

Moccasins are undoubtedly one of the Best-Sellers de Gucci.Those who have used them, claim that they are the most comfortable shoes in the world, but they are also extremely expensive.Although there are some that can be obtained for 300 or 400 euros, the most popular exceed 2.000 000.

Las 5 prendas que han convertido a Gucci en una de las casas de moda más lujosas del mundo

The moccasins model with shaded ostrich tweezers are a traditional man shoe, but they are made of an extremely pleasant brown ostrich claw.They have Horsebit's detail and a toe painted with leather sole to give the entire shoe a beautiful dark shine.

Abrigos cruzados de lana

Gucci wool cross coats, in addition to being beautiful, are made not only with wool, but also with alpaca fleece to add an additional sensation of softness, warmth and comfort.They come in a variety of colors, but black, fuchsia and beige are the most striking.Can cost from 3.500 euros.

Mini bolso Gucci Sylvie

The Sylvie was designed by Alessandra Miceli and, faithful to her words, turned out to be a timeless work of art, even among the best of Gucci's best.The Sylvie in its white leather looks and feels as premium as its high price of 2 suggests.490 euros.

La cartera Gucci Jackie

In 1961, an image of Jackie Kennedy with a unisex junction bag made the demand to shoot.Later, renamed the First Lady, this style has played an integral role in the history of Gucci: it was first pardoned the file by Tom Ford in 1999, (a movement that coincided with the birth of IT-Bag Mania) and in 2009 by Frida Giannini, under the nickname of New Jackie.

El cinturón Gucci Stuart Hughes

If there is an iconic and popular garment in Gucci, they are belts.No matter what your style or tastes, there is always a Gucci belt for you.Its variety of colors and designs has made it a garment that does not go out of style and that, more importantly, it is perfect on any occasion.

However, there is a specific one that steals all eyes.When a belt costs around 249.000 euros, it's because it should certainly be very special.The GG belt, designed by Stuart Hughes, has several diamonds of 30 carat embedded in the buckle, each of which would cost a small fortune alone.It is the most expensive belt ever manufactured, as well as the most expensive product never sold by Gucci.