The pleasure of making the Camino de Santiago Light of luggage

This is a very special year for the Camino de Santiago.Xacobeum number 120 of its history is celebrated that, in addition, is extended to 2022. It will be two years of celebrations and activities on the Jacobean routes, which seem to gradually recover the transfer of pilgrims despite COVID 19, and that attract toSantiago de Compostela to thousands of pilgrims around the world.

The also known as Holy Compostela year is commemorated in which on the day of the apostle Santiago (July 25) falls on Sunday, as established by Pope Calixto II in 1126, coinciding with the placement of the last stone ofThe Compostela Cathedral.The xacobeum is celebrated about 14 times every century.

This xacobeum is also special because in 2020 it could not be held because of Covid 19. Therefore, Pope Francis announced, after the opening of the holy door that the Holy Year 2021 will last at 2022. Thus begins a Jacobean decade in whichYou can enjoy several Holy Compostela years.

In his eagerness to meet the needs of his clients wherever they are, Correos has created a series of services to help pilgrims who make the Camino de Santiago, before starting it, during and after the route ended.Although porteros and pilgrims had been sharing the road for hundreds of years, since 2016 Correos is deeply involved with the Jacobean community, and has put its logistics at its service through the road with mails, an initiative that provides help and information to pilgrims andIt facilitates all kinds of shipments.

The services of ‘The road with mail’ can be hired online

El placer de hacer el Camino de Santiago ligero de equipaje

And it is that to enjoy nothing more and better at all as light luggage.Therefore, Correos offers the paq backpack service, which allows the way to be loaded with all the luggage.The logistics company is responsible for transporting it daily, of accommodation in accommodation.The porteros collect the backpacks or suitcases early in the morning at the hostel, hotel or shelter that the client indicates and delivers it in the next accommodation before 2:30 pm on the same day, so that when the pilgrim ends hisstage, have your luggage.This service can be hired online ( addition, the PAQ Backpack has a traceability system, whereby the pilgrim can receive on his mobile a notice of delivery and collection of his backpack.

The walkers who want to make the bike path, have the Bike option that facilitates the sending of bikes from any postal office to the starting point of the road or back home at the end.It has a special and ecological packaging, in addition to a minimum insurance of 300 euros.Click here to see all the information about this service.

For its part, the Pilgrim Paq is a specific service for pilgrims who want to send, both packages and suitcases, to any postal office to pick them up when they arrive.Up to 45 days are stored so that the pilgrim will give time to make his way comfortably (

Likewise, the logistics company has a slogan in Santiago de Compostela so that pilgrims can leave their backpack, bike or cane at the end of their way to enter the cathedral (backpacks are not allowed) or walk through the city free of loads.

These services can be consulted on the page, which also contains useful information to prepare and organize the way: maps and description of the stages of the different routes to chooseAlong the way or a search engine with information of more than 4,000 establishments in the different routes.

Matasellos conmemorativo del Xacobeo 2021-2022

With a matselllos dedicated to the Holy Gate of the Cathedral of Santiago, Correos commemorates this Holy Compostela year 2021-2022.The pilgrims who approach the main office of Santiago (Rúa Do Franco, 4) may seal their letters or postcards to send them to any point in Spain or the world;They can also seal the pilgrim's credential.

The Matasellos will help to publicDecember 31, 2022.

This year a ‘Jacobean decade’ begins in which up to four Holy Years: 2021-2022, 2027 and 2032 will be held. It has also made a very special broadcast on the occasion of the Xacobeum 2021-2022.It is a commemorative stamp that is starring Floreano, one of the most beloved characters in the Galician press.

Created by the cartoonist Gogue, Floreano has made the leap of the Faro de Vigo pages to become a pilgrim, with his layer, edge and pumpkin.The seal can be bought in the online post of mails or in any of its offices.