Tikitakas Tamara Gorro's applauded reflection on money and luxury

Social networks have all this time become a place where leading personalities from all over the world share their lifestyle with their followers, where luxury and often unattainable products for most of their fans often abound. The truth is that it is not always the luxury and the money that involves obtaining some values, which he wanted to explain very accurately the influence Tamara Gorro, who, in addition to his success in television, knows these lifestyles firsthand also because she is married to a retired footballer, Ezekiel Garay.

Your interesting way of looking at luxury and class

Mediaset's influence and ex is one of the most followed personalities on social networks, where he shows his naturality when talking about all kinds of issues, including the most controversial. In the last few hours, he has wanted to launch a reflection on his community of followers, who has felt identified with his words and responded by applauding his publication. "Don't feel inferior," said Tamara Gorro, this broad reflection.

"each person has his own taste and of course with his money he does whatever he wants. He is totally respectable. But then there are other kinds of people, those who consider having a luxury bag or garment to be superior and have more class. Well, I have my personal opinion, just as respectable: I applaud those who have that kind of taste and buy it, because in turn they are moving the economy," he explained.

Tikitakas La aplaudida reflexión de Tamara Gorro sobre el dinero y los lujos

"but if you are the one who believes that by not having it you are inferior, you are very wrong. You have the class, you Don't get a €3,500 garment or a €20 dress. Moreover, I, today (tomorrow I Don't know) my economy would allow me a whim like this (a luxury item), but yet I have always preferred to spend X money on 20 things than X money on a single one. And no, I Don't feel inferior, nor do I feel less classy. I just feel unique, and not because I'm different from others, but because I do what I want and makes me feel good, "he said.

The influence culminated in this much applauded reflection in the last few hours saying that "and you are unique too, so you know, act as you wish, not as society catalogues you." Of course, many comments have come to him after these words, many of them agreeing that Tamara Gorro is "an inspiring woman".