They haven't paved Paula's street for more than 10 years, today she votes in León

Leon, Guanajuato. Palenque de Ibarrilla street, where Mrs. Paula, 37, lives, has not been paved for 10 years.

She and her neighbors walk through puddles and mud in rainy seasons. Living in one of the largest cities in the country, they still don't know what it's like to live on a paved street.

Today, Paula goes to the voting center in the Plaza de la Ciudadanía Griselda Álvarez, in the León I neighborhood, to see if the paving of her street is contemplated in one of the projects that the Municipality has planned, in which 95 will be invested millions of pesos.

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How and where to vote this January 20 in León?

Its neighborhood, Palenque de Ibarrilla, belongs to the Coecillo Delegation, but when verifying the projects that are contemplated for the area, the paving of its street does not appear, these are the ones presented by the Municipality: Rehabilitation of athletics track in Deportiva del Coecillo, Paving of Fray Daniel Mireles Street, Rehabilitation of public space in San José del Consuelo, and the Complement of public space in San Manuel neighborhood.

Despite the fact that her proposal is not on the list, Paula goes with her neighbors to talk about her area, so that they turn around to see them.

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León will decide by vote on January 20: Do you prefer a bridge or public lighting?

This Thursday at 10 in the morning the 16 voting centers were opened for the 7 delegations of León. In each one, 4 projects are contemplated, but only one will win per zone.

People will decide what their priority is, between paved streets, recreation centers, parks, athletic tracks, public lighting and other alternatives. For the first time, citizens will decide on public works in the city.


Like Paula, several citizens line up under the sun to vote for the projects for their neighborhood. Gabriela Nava, a resident of the Presitas neighborhood, says that she will vote for the creation of the Parque de la Vida, near the Zoo, she believes that it is a point of distraction to prevent young people from spending their time in gangs or drug addiction.

Diego Jesús, a 20-year-old boy, says that he will vote for the rehabilitation of the athletics track in the Deportiva del Coecillo, which has not been used for approximately four years.

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There are $100 million available for works to be carried out by vote in León


To vote, people can locate their delegation here, go and present their INE. Although in the León Fair they installed 14 ballot boxes and in the downtown area 7, in case they still do not locate their delegation.

You can only participate this January 20. Today results are delivered at 6 pm.

For the Participa León project, the Municipality allocated 100 million pesos, of the total 95 million pesos will be allocated to public works in the 7 delegations, and the other 5 million for works in the city. The Coecillo Delegation is the one that will receive the most money, with a total of 17,838,922 pesos.


LEON FAIR (14 ballot boxes)


CERRO GORDO DELEGATION San Jerónimo SIT Transfer Terminal, Juan de la Barrera 1435, Colonia San Jerónimo COECILLO DELEGATION Plaza de la Ciudadanía Griselda Álvarez, Blvd. Vasco de Quiroga 2101, Colonia Presidentes de México DEL CARMENT DELEGATION Delta SIT Transfer Terminal, Blvd. Valle de San José, Valle de Huellaga 102, Colonia Valle de San José DELEGATIONS SAN MIGUELO Municipal Office (Tlacuache), Blvd. Juan José Torres Landa Ote. 1701, Coloniael Tlacuache SAN JUAN BOSCO OFFICES San Juan Bosco Transfer Terminal SIT, Blvd. Juan Alonso de Torres Ote. ColoniaVibar DELEGATION LAS JOYAS Plaza de la Ciudadania Efraín Huerta, Hegel corner Pascal S/N, Colonia La Soledad Family Center