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The world of vinyl is more alive than ever today.From consecrated artists to small independent jewels, most musicians publish their works in this format that has gained popularity over the years.A good gift idea to surprise even the best understood.

And that's why, today we propose to bring you the five best vintage headdresses that you can buy.Teams that will allow you to enjoy unparalleled sound quality and some combos with which you will not need anything else to listen to your favorite songs.

Characteristics analyzed in each of the models:

What vintage weaving to buy?

Once all the models on the list have been analyzed, the one we like the most for its design and benefits is the AT-LPW30TK audio-technique.Despite its vintage wood finish, it incorporates an amplifier that will allow you to easily connect any speaker to obtain high sound quality.

But if you prefer to opt for a model with built -in speakers, our choice is the Prixton VC400.In quality-price it is one of the best options on the market and has the addition that it is very easy to use, since you just have to worry about putting the album and giving play.

Comparison of the best vintage headdresses

The best Economic Vintage Play: Prixton VC400

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We start with a vintage tab for beginners with which you can reproduce vinyl in a simple way.This most cute suitcase is available in seven colors for you to choose the one that most combines with your style.But the best thing is that it has an integrated amplifier and speakers.In other words, if you do not have a compatible music team, do not worry, because with the Prixton VC-400 you can listen to your favorite songs as soon as I get it out of the box.Against him, we have to say that the audio quality offered.

Pros: very easy to use.

Cons: sound quality is not the best.

If you are looking for a 'Playful for beginners' this model will meet all your expectations.

The best adjustable vintage touna TT-931

Buy for € 84.99 at Amazon

At the other extreme, we find the Auna TT-931.A vintage tas that perfectly reproduces the experience of use of the oldest equipment.It does not have amplifier or speakers, so in order to get the entire game you will need a compatible music team.In return, it offers you a good quality and sound quality, thanks to its solid construction.The best thing about this model is its three -speed selector, with which you can play vinyl records at 33, 45 and 78 rpm (revolutions per minute).If you are looking for a versatile team at a more than interesting price, this is a very good choice.

PROS: your three -speed selector.

Disfruta de tu música favorita con los tocadiscos vintage más buscados

Cons: you will need a amplifier and speakers to get the whole game.

A true vintage tasks with which to reproduce all kinds of vinyl and with a thousand options to configure it to your liking.

The most complete vintage toadiscos: Les-50WD

Buy for € 119 at Amazon

Lenco is one of the reference manufacturers in the world of vintage toiacs and with its LS-50WD it offers a large number of options for all types of audiences.On the one hand, you can use it as a complete equipment, thanks to the fact that it has amplifier and small speakers integrated very curiously in two of its legs.On the other, if you already know some vinyl and accounts with your own amplifier, you can get much more with a team of better characteristics.The cherry cherry puts it its USB port, which will allow you to connect it to your computer to digitize your favorite records.A most complete model that is worth investment.

PROS: Many configuration possibilities.

Cons: the quality of the materials could be better.

One of the most complete vintage toadiscos in the market that stands out for its great benefits.

The vintage toiac with better design: Pro-Ject Primary and

Buy for € 239 at Amazon

If you are looking for a weaving with a somewhat more careful and elegant design, the Pro-Ject brand has some jewels inside its catalog.However, we have opted for the Primary and because it has a characteristic highly valued by the audiophiles: its tensile by belt.This system has an engine that rotates and transmits the movement to the plate thanks to its belt, which is also very pleasant to see (and listen).The quality of the materials is the great strong point of a equipment that is manufactured by hand and that has an orthophon capsule.If you already know anything about Playadiscos, this brand will surely sound to you, because it is one of the best selling in the world.In short, if you are looking for a design piece that also gives you the best sound quality, there is no doubt: this is your best choice.

PROS: Excellent design, quality of materials and orthophon capsule.

Cons: its price can be somewhat high.

A premium option that stands out for its great construction quality and elegant design


Buy for € 339 at Amazon

We end with the most complete option on the list: the at-LPW30TK technic audio.This brand is one of the favorites of the DJs around the world (along with Technics) so you can take a professional quality team to your home.Thanks to its belt traction system and its built -in amplifier, with this device you can achieve excellent sound quality when playing your vinyl discs.In addition, its elegant and minimalist design with wood finish ends up giving that vintage touch that your living room will turn into the center of your music.If you want a good headdress to start listening to music that lasts for years, this model will meet all your expectations.

PROS: great sound quality.

Cons: its price is something high.

One of the most complete vintage toadiscos in its price range.

What is a vintage toadiscos?

A vintage toiac is an audio player that allows you to play vinyl records.Its design is very similar to old dishes, however, they have the advantage that they incorporate many of the latest functionalities, such as wireless connectivity or amplifier incorporated, to be easier to use.

How does a headdress work?

The operation of the toadiscos is very simple.First, the vinyl is placed on the plate and then the needle is placed on the outer end of the disc.Finally, Play is pressed and the album will begin to turn.

The needle will go through each of the disk grooves, which contain the information of each song.This vibration is transmitted along the needle arm and becomes an audio signal.

However, this signal is very dim, so a amplifier or preampler is required so that we can listen to it on any speaker.Finally, that amplified signal reaches the speakers, which reproduce it in the usual way.

Types of headdresses

There are many types of headdresses in the market, but the most common are:

What to take into account when buying a vintage toadiscos?

The first thing you should consider when buying a vintage toiac is the team you already have at home.Most toadiscos require an amplifier and speakers to work.

However, as we have mentioned above, there are much cheaper options and all in one, which will allow you to enjoy vinyl music without making a large investment ... At the expense of sound quality.

How to place a vinyl disk in a headdress?

Playing a vinyl disk in a tabadiscos is very simple.Just coincide the central plate support with the disc.Once placed, you just have to lower the needle and press the play button so that the album begins to turn.

How to know when to change the needle of the toadiscos?

A good toadiscus needle can last a long time, although most manufacturers recommend changing it after 1.000 hours of use.However, depending on the use that you give, the care and the material with which it is manufactured, it can also last much more.

The key to knowing if you should change it is in the sound.If you notice that the music does not sound clear, clicks are heard or the needle jumps when you play a disc, the best solution is to change it immediately.

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