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Double merit have the 20 characters that parade on the next pages.Because 2020 has been a strange, very different, historical year.

As it happens every year, many have stayed out.But, without a doubt, the 20 names that we have selected perfectly represent the diverse stories that we have shared this year, despite the circumstances, related to culture, entertainment and activism.

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Stories of success, commitment, overcoming, pride and/or awareness that have inspired and relieved us in this 2020 so complex.

There are 20 protagonists of our LGTBIQ+community, and also Aliadxs that have demonstrated with their words and their actions that are.

On our website you can also read the reports that we have dedicated to you throughout the last twelve months.Then we summarize - and celebrate - his testimonies.20 of 2020.

Eduardo López-Collazo

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it, inevitably, reunions, family dinners, gift exchanges will come.A whole series of traditions that can endanger the stability of the coronavirus pandemic.To know what to stick to, we have talked to Eduardo López-Collazo, nuclear physicist, immunologist and director of the Institute of Health Research of the La Paz University Hospital of Madrid.

It is nice."I always usually be in the top ten and this year, precisely, they have thrown me back," he says with a laugh.“I have always appreciated that they choose a scientist to be within this list that normally has more visible people.Thanks to this, many people have left the closet in the guild ".

After the important impact of your book, what is cancer?, Eduardo López-Collazo has published this 2020 books about the two greatest pandemics we have faced, what is HIV?and Coronavirus The last pandemic?

Pablo Alboran

Yes, Pablo Alboran has left the closet in 2020.And that nobody comes to us with "at good hours" or "but was someone who didn't know?".Nobody knows.They cause rejection of those comments, because it is never too late if the happiness is good;And yes, there were people who did not know that he is homosexual, something that he made public in a video that, like his albums, stood out for how well produced he is.His statement transmitted the feeling of being something very thoughtful, and at all made public randomly in the middle of the LGTBI pride - which we had to celebrate at home -.And he has faced us with a key fact: it is evident that the entertainment industry continues.At this stage?

Pablo Alboran has faced vertigo with an apparent calm, the same that always conveys with his music.He has decided to mark the times;He has always done it with his musical throws, and also with his exit from the closet.Great referents of the group also took their time when taking the step, from Ian McKellen to George Michael.The important thing is not when in cases so, but how they contribute to normalize certain situations and states with their visibility.This 2020 will be unforgettable for Pablo Alboran for many reasons.Of course, the fact of having publicly talked about his homosexuality will be one of them.The vertigo, already only in his music.

He could not choose a better title for the album he has published a few weeks after closing this 2020, vertigo.For once, Alborán was news, worldwide, for extramusic reasons.His departure from the closet made him, overnight, a reference of LGTBIQ+ visibility.

Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen says that everything necessary in the promotions of his film is always involved.Although this time has been special, since Falling, who stars, is his first film as director - and producer, and screenwriter and author of the soundtrack -."I believe in her, and I want people to reach," he said when he released it.Falling is a family drama, inspired by his family ("Following my mother's death, I started remembering things about my childhood and I decided to write it"), although I wanted to make it clear that it is a fictional story.In his debut as director, he focuses on the relationship between a misogynist, violent, homophobic and macho, and John, his son, who, for being gay, has always lived punished by him.

He wanted his character to be homosexual because “he would add another layer to this confrontation story, and create another conflict between father and son.I liked how he developed, because they also have an adopted daughter, and Latin ".And it does not stop making a claim to show that family with two parents.“I am not saying that this family model is better than the one who can create two heterosexual people.The difference has to do with communication between its members, gender is the least.In that house they love each other, they are heard, respect, apologize ... in the family of the patriarch of the film there is no flexibility, and lack of communication ”.

He is an actor admired throughout the world, and his participation in megaexites such as the Lord of the Rings opened the doors of a much younger audience, which also follows him.In 2020 he has faced a great challenge, the premiere of his first film as director, Falling, in which he plays a gay man.

Manolo Caro

After the great adventure that the house of the flowers supposed, the Mexican Manolo Caro changed registration in his miniseries someone has to die.To avoid comparisons, he decided to try a new genre, surrounded by a group of actors, including Carmen Maura, Cecilia Suárez, Ernesto Alterio, Alejandro Speitzer, dancer Isaac Hernández, Ester Expósito and Carlos Cuevas Cuevas.

"I wanted to set it at a time of great social oppression," he recalls.After working with Verónica Castro, this time she wanted to enjoy another big one like Carmen Maura."I love to give its place to great idols," he confesses."Whenever they ask me who dreams of working, I never think of young actors, or fashionable, I think of the big stars with which I grew up".In this miniseries he wanted to make visible the homophobia suffered in Franco's Spain."For me it is important to raise my voice to issues that concern me, and put them on the table," he explains.“Not only wanted to talk about oppression and persecution to be submitted to homosexuals in the Spain of the 50s, I wanted to make it clear that if we look at the situation in Russia or in certain Latin American countries, for example, it is something that follows going".His intention is clear: “I grew up in a world where there were no characters in the fiction with which I could identify me.In Mexico, the only homosexual characters I saw were cartoons ”.

A few days after the end of the year, Manolo Caro released a bomb news.And is that his next project will be once ... But not, Netflix's first musical series in Spain, with a cast that includes Daniela Vega, Rossy de Palma, Asier Etxeandia, Sebastián Yatra and NIA, the winner of Ot 2020.

Itziar Castro

He was bad not to be able to give the proclamation on the street, feeling the heat of the people.And he also had a bad thing to be aware that people could not kiss.It has been a different year, and the pride of Madrid, also.Castro was proud, worth the redundancy, of being part of a group of diverse preachers."The fight is not only from the collective, it is global," he said.The actress from H or B told us that she has always been visible.“I never had to tell my parents or my friends who was a lesbian.My family always let me know that I was free to do what I wanted, both personally and professional.When I had a partner, I have presented it at home without further ado.And I have a profession in which the LGTBI collective is very visible, so I have never felt any trauma ”.

Nuestros 20 protagonistas imprescindibles en 2020 - Shangay

He feels happy to be an example of how visibility is always positive."The most important thing in this life is to be oneself," he said.“If you hide anything, be your sexual orientation or your political ideology, in the end you end up deceiving yourself and you end up being unhappy.The better we are with ourselves, the better we interact with the world ".And if you feel good about yourself it is because she is a free woman.“I've never been afraid because I feel proud of how I am.And also because I have always had the support of my people ... it is a very big luck ”.

It was one of the preacher of the Mad Madrid Pride 2020.Undoubtedly, a very special edition, marked by the pandemia, in which the proclamation had to broad.Itziar Castro participated proudly, and knew how to convey his best wishes without losing his smile in any

Sam Smith

Love Hurts.And flows.We know it all, and Sam Smith always finds inspiration in that fact.If in previous albums he sang to the unrequited love, this time he has declared that Love Goes is his first album that talks about pain after a break.The road to this album has not been precisely roses for Sam Smith.Recall that in spring I had to have seen the light to die for, album that he canceled at the last moment because he considered that he was not responsible to launch an album with that title in Coronavirus times.So he wanted to take his time to rethink his new project, turned into Love Goes.He published it recently, and decided to bet, once again, for the sentimental and melancholic ballad - which is so well given - and not so much for the danceable themes.

In an interview with the British Sunday Times, he revealed that his body dysmorphia was the trigger that he realized that he was not binary.And he assures that he loves to think that his body has played an important part in the process of being clear about his gender identity.The successful 28 -year artist has long since had any problem talking openly about issues such as gender.When he made public that he is a non -binary person, he gave a lot of visibility to the issue of identity.And, in a way, Smith has become a flandere of many non -binary people who appreciate that this issue is finally in the generalist media.

He has opened on a channel this year, and wanted to share his doubts and yearnings through his social networks.The quarantine made him rethink the album he was going to publish, so he decided to delay his launch.Finally, in autumn of 2020 he saw the Light Love Goes, an album with the unequivocal seal of Sam Smith.

Joan Matabosch

The Royal Theater was the first in the world to represent an opera after confinement, La Traviata, on July 1.A quixed that looked like crazy.Now it is one of the few, if not the only one, which continues with its usual course.It was the personal effort of Joan Matabosch, its artistic director: “We were very clear that it was our responsibility to do everything possible to recover normality as soon as possible.Of course, it was crucial that the process was carried out with all security measures for those involved: choir, orchestra, theater technicians, administrative, actors, dancers and public.That is why an expert committee was convened composed of leading epidemiologists of various hospitals in Madrid.With the support and enthusiasm of Gregorio Marañón (President of the Real Theater), Ignacio García-Belenguer (General Director), Bernat Vidal (Secretary General) and the artistic and technical teams that I have the privilege of leading.Without them we would never have achieved the feat of recovering the activity, and becoming one of the few theaters of the world capable of demonstrating that it can be done.The other reason why we took the step was for respect for artists and the public.Both have put a lot on their part.It has not been easy, but we have managed to take the stage a new production of Rusalka that has been the envy of many theaters ”.And now a new Don Giovanni also arrives.It is not strange that the entire planet, with closed theaters, is looking at the real.

It is not exaggerated: the whole world looks at the Royal Theater to copy its way of moving forward in a critical moment like this.A theater that, on the other hand, maintains its LGTBI commitment year after year: “We always advocate for visibility in our programming.As the premiere of Lessons in Love and Violence, by George Benjamin ”.

Róisín Murphy

Róisín Murphy is a machine.It is so clear that he has titled his most recent album Róisín Machine.The most praised by criticism and public from Overpowered (2007).A job in which he celebrates, with honesty and great inspiration, his love for dance music in general, and the disk in particular.

Róisín Machine is a peculiar job.In it, the Murphy has managed to shape, together with DJ Parrot, to a non-stand.A job that he finished off during the quarantine, a time in which he remained especially active, with unpayable direct from his home that encouraged us many times during those complicated weeks."On the disc predominates a dark tone from beginning to end.I wanted to review my origins, and the scene from which I come, with great honesty, ”he explains.“There are powerful songs in him that show how passionate the album is, and they are those that the public is responding, because we live in a moment of emptiness and absence of passion in general.The album is designed to enter it as if you were a club, close the door behind you and immerse yourself in the experience ”.Murphy, who states that Drag Queen has always felt, specifies: “That imaginary club I mean is gay, of course.If you listen to my album and you are not gay, you must pretend that you are ”.

Very striking it turns out that in the year we have barely been able to dance in clubs, there have been many artists who have launched impeccable work anchored in disco music, house and other electronic styles.And it is that on this page they could also have found their hole Dua Lipa or Jessie Ware, for example.


Had been begged, but at the beginning of this 2020 he saw the light long.Najwa's first album in six years.He found the project that he wanted to defend, and so, when the quarantine arrived, in addition to seeing it in series such as Vis to Vis: the Oasis and the Paper House, his fans were able to delight with his new songs.He just gave him time to make two presentations, in Madrid and Barcelona, shortly before the alarm state was declared.They were perfect for the moment it came, for its apocalyptic point.We interviewed it when he published the album and, as usual in it, he gave us a handful of statements of those who could only leave Najwa's mouth: "The kilos do not weigh, the years weigh", "Rosalia puts my batteries", "Now explodes everything so fast seems wonderful to me", "annoying criticisms have made me a lifetime, I have always felt like a sparring" ... now it remains to see if it will give a second life to these songs in 2021.With Najwa, you never know.

Prophetic was one of the songs on his latest album, published in February, comes from long.Its empty Madrid theme became an underground anthem of quarantine, and a new classic in its musical career.

Melanie c

Melanie c has opted for electronic pop in her homonymous album, and the truth is that she has been wonderful to do it.The desire to continue sharing empowerment messages, a key in his career since he entrusted to Girl Power, remains intact.And it has evolved, like her, but it is still one of the signs of her identity as an artist."This album has been my salvation in full pandemic," he confessed.“I have been very active in networks and it has been good for me.Because when I stop, sometimes the downturn enters.I'm happy to stay busy ".And he assured us that all he had to do to capture his evolution as an artist was to get carried away by his heart.“I wanted my album to sound very positive, and I think it has come out at the perfect time, because we are living hard times.I love to see how people help to get distracted ”.

The Spice Girl has reconciled with its past and celebrates the moment of stability in which it meets its eighth album, homonym, in which it has sought some redemption in the dance floor.

Blas sang

It has not been an easy year for Blas sang.Although we have no doubt that he has been strengthened, at all levels.Shortly after the Eurovision Festival was canceled, which should be held in Rotterdam, shared in networks that his father had died, a very hard blow.And his grandmother also left us shortly before saying goodbye to the year.He could not defend universe in the Eurofestival, but he knows that he will have a second chance, with a new song, in the 2021 edition.We cannot always enjoy second opportunities in life, so surely you will know howHis universe.

He has made Eurovisive history, although in spite.The irruption of the pandemic forced to suspend the Eurovision Festival, in which he should have represented us, and his song Universe remained in Limbo.

Gabriel J..Martin

In 2020, Gabriel J..Martín, a reference in Affirmative Gay Psychology, not only saw how appointments requests by his patients increased.Quarantine ravages in many, but it is also true that the appearance of his latest book, Gay Sex, contributed to make much more enjoyable and didactic the decalsed for his readers.This year he launched his sex manual for gay men, and he himself stated that it was a book that was late - although better now than ever -.“If I had known what I know now, with what I have learned writing it, my sex life would have been infinitely better;I would have avoided half of complexes and nonsense ”.It is a bet of Martin in his fight to help us free us from many prejudices that, without a doubt, inhibit."You have to fuck more happily," he told us when we interviewed him.If it is the advice of an expert, we will have to try to follow it.

His books have become essential manuals for many gay readers.As didactic as fun, he manages to respond to diverse issues that not a few gay men are done in their day to day.


The first single he released from his last album, new drugs, is one of the best songs of his career so far.Algora was specially happy with a stranger among the roses when he presented it to us ("the most direct of my career").What did he want to talk about him?“Of feeling weird, alone and empty in a world that goes very fast, that belongs to you but at the same time you feel alien.The roses of the title represent the urgency, the ephemeral beauty ".He assures that through music he has gained security and has been feeling less weird, but continues to denounce the discrimination that LGTBI artists suffer in certain sectors of the music industry.That is why it does, much less.I just launched I only have eyes for you, next to Megane Mercury, and has started a crowdfunding campaign to carry out his next album, in which he already has all his energies put on.

He has not been able to present live as his fifth album would have liked, a stranger among the roses, so he has decided to look forward and start working on his next album.Well done.

Beatriz Luengo

Maluma himself has spoken about his (viral) version of Hawaii, who in just three days got eight million views: "It is better than mine," the Colombian said in the 40s main 40.And is that Beatriz Luengo - very pregnant to his second daughter, who will be called Zoe - is also one of the queens of the new communication channels.His version of Maluma was not the only thing that has become viral in this 2020 that now ends.During the confinement he took advantage of social networks to be close to his people.For us he recorded a wonderful video (which you can see in Shangay.com) With a surprising version of Sambame, of the remembered UPA Dance series, and his book razes online.“It already goes for the eighth edition by how use in the networks my texts.Every time I put a post with something from the book, number 1 is placed;New channels for literature are opening, ”he tells us happy.

The ‘blow’ networks in their favor, and this year he dazzled them with their response to one of the hits of the year, Hawaii de Maluma.He versioned for us one of his classics in pride, and his latest album accumulates more than 100 million streams.

Stefano Sannino

Thus, without more, ‘The Ambassador’.Stefano Sannino was much more than the Italian ambassador to Spain.It was the great ambassador that the LGTBI community has had (and may have) in Spain.During his ‘mandate’, the embassy was open for everyone, but especially for the trans community, with which he turned from day.During these four years, there were many transgender people who rubbed from you to you with representatives of the highest social sectors, who could tell their reality first hand.In one of the parties for the National Day of Italy, he dedicated part of his speech to that subject.But his work these years went far beyond what happened between the walls of the Palace of the Embassy, where he led to the integration of many people into the work world.He doesn't want him to know, and we respect him.But our work is to inform our readers of everything.That is.

His legacy is indelible.His march, a true penalty.After four years as Ambassador of Italy, Stefano left us, and now he exercises his functions in Brussels.It only comforts us that there can be with her husband, Santiago

Mili Hernández

Mili Hernández, activist and founder of the Berkana Bookstore in Chueca, has blown at the end of this 2020.“When I opened the bookstore in 1993 I realized that the general publishers, except for some exceptions, did not have the books that the group required.Readers and readers were looking for a literature where to find answers to questions that many people still were asked.So we had no choice but to set up an editorial, ”he explains.The crisis of the Coronavirus has forced him to adapt and bet more on online sale, and although he is more bump on the road, Mili Hernández does not give up."We are using imagination a lot.We continue to resist as Podemos, and I think we will be able to move on ”.

Mili continues to run with his wife, sea, the mythical Berkana bookstore.An LGTBI culture shelter that even during the pandemic has continued with its effervescent - and safe - activity, supporting queer literature.

Eduardo Navarrete

This has been a very special year for the young designer, who, like everyone else, has had to adapt to circumstances, in many complicated moments.In the first quarter of 2020 he participated in a very special campaign, a solidarity campaign called ‘For Corona La ours’, in collaboration with positive support.He designed a limited edition shirt, and part of its benefits were destined to help trans workers.And in the middle of the quarantine it was a pioneer when designing masks, which immediately became very desired articles, because they are unequivocally Navarrete.Without a doubt, a success for its part.As it was also betting on an online presentation of its summer collection, because streaming has become 2020 the best ally of designers to show their creations to the world.And Eduardo Navarrete always creates a trend.

The designer has not been dragged by apathy, much less, in a 2020 that will always be unforgettable.On the contrary, it grows at adversities and has demonstrated it in a year in which it has been known.

Íñigo Aguas

His fiction debut has arrived in two parts.The first, the bodies of the red room, saw the light in February, promoted as the first erotic youth novel and gay published in Spain.The campaign caught attention, and no doubt, the photogenic that is Íñigo Aguas, which has a very clear thing: "May the reader get horny with her is a compliment".He achieved his goal, and the many fans of his first work have had to wait until the end of the year to know the outcome of the story, which he has told in his continuation, the bodies of the last times.So good has been the reception of both that it has recently been announced that Boomerang TV has bought the rights of bilogy, which will become a television series.Without a doubt, it is also great news for the fact that it will mean that LGTBI visibility increases in our fiction.The more, the better.

I could work perfectly as a model, but this young student of advertising and public relations what he is passionate about is literature.And the bilogy that has published this year has surprised many.

Joshua Velázquez

He was crowned as the winner of the third edition of sewing teachers when we had been confined just over two weeks.Maybe that contributed to that final was the most seen in the history of the program.The Canarian lifted the coveted gold mannequin;It also took the 50.000 euros in the award metallic and with a fashion design course at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (which is currently doing).At 28 years old, the apprentice has proven to be a born conqueror who wants to consolidate in the fashion world.But also on television, where we are convinced that it will continue to appear often.And although it is defined as a gay that has always followed its "own paths and thoughts" within the collective, you do not want to disregard the LGTBI struggle."Everything that is to help others and that is in my hand, I'm going to do it".Welcome be!

In addition to sewing, Joshua is also passionate about music and stages."Song and act ..., throughout my life I have spent a lot of castings.If you really like something, add.And if it makes you feel good, you must do it ”.

Toni Acosta

It has many records.But this year has been consecrated as much more than a lady of (h) AMPA.It is a ‘queen of humor’ in cinema, theater, networks, radio or television.Race actress - with more than twenty years on stage - is now when everyone wants to have Toni Acosta.We can presume to have a ‘shangay girl’ in the family.That's why we went with her to the palm for our Shangay Voyager of Autumn: there revealed us his secret: “I always wanted to be an off -road actress, play all the sticks.I like all the media, I don't want to give up any.It is true that, to those who had concerns beyond the conventional audiovisual, confinement gave us a window to accompany people, as happened with the radio program that Silvia April and I.This is what I have always wanted to do ”.

Positive woman, she is in her moment of grace: “Confinement has taken away many things, but it has also helped us to recover others.My relationship with Shangay is one of them.I have eliminated the bad rolls of my life ”.


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