Patriotic month and with new charms!

Mexico my love is a collection of pieces and charms that pay homage to our culture. Tane brings new charms that join the family.
Tuesday 07 September 2021
Maria Paula Zavala

Unlike many other countries in the world, Mexico has plenty of culture and flavor, this is something that should fill us with pride and what better way to honor this than with a collection completely dedicated to their history and identity?National month and with new charms! National month and with new charms!

Tane, one of the largest jewelry houses in the country, celebrates this national month by adding new pieces to its “Mexico my love” collection. It is a series of charms that represent elements of pre-Hispanic cultures and celebrate the extraordinary of everyday Mexico.


Tane is characterized by national pride and high quality, which is reflected in all of his fascinating jewelry. This time, his quality shines through with the revival of the collection in two groups of pieces. The first, refers to pre-Hispanic Mexico through incredible creations that reflect the history of our ancestors in form and meaning, there are five pieces made of .925 silver.

National month and with new charms!

Among the pieces are: Moctezuma's plume, which represents one of the most important tlatoanis; The pre-Columbian sculpture of Chac Mool; The two-headed serpent symbolizing the mythical creature; Quetzalcoatl representing the 'Feathered Serpent'; and finally Tlaloc, one of the most worshiped divinities in Mesoamerica.

On the other hand, the second group pays homage to the Mexico of today, the one that is lived and felt on the skin, this collection of pieces takes up different cultural elements that live and resonate in the collective imagination of the Mexican, to create the second group of charms that commemorate the essence of popular culture.


This second group consists of different figures such as: the tree of life, which reminds us of our roots; The typical decorative brass star; chiquihuite, which refers to the braiding technique of goldsmiths; As in the lottery, the cantarito; La Silla Acapulco, classic and present on all Mexican coasts; And finally, the fruit cart that refers to all the Mexican delicacies.

In addition, Tane brings a super special surprise: two very representative limited editions: Acapulco Chair, in 18-carat pink gold, and Brass star, in 18K yellow gold. 23 carats. We are completely in love with all these charms!

The best part is that you can hang them on the new version of her Matilda bracelet, in .925 silver and 23-carat vermeil. If you prefer to wear them around your neck, there is also good news, as Tane made an unprecedented creation: a Matilda necklace, with an engraved ring and a double pendant.




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