Lucky Lucky Amulets: Thus Ana de Armas and María Pombo take them

The fashion couple in Hollywood was in charge of lighting our radar of 'trend alert'.Ana de Armas became inseparable from a gold pendant with the shape of the middle of a heart ... would the novelty fashion of sharing jewelry with your partner return?The point is that the Cuban has not been the only one that has turned its accessories into authentic amulets and, no, it is not about minimalist designs, the 2020 charms are on a large scale.

After the love for the baroque jewels full of crystals and by the bracelets and links, the jewels adapt to the minimalist tendencies for which the cabinets now bet on those who shape the trends.Following the New Age current that has been established in some of the most acclaimed firms of the moment, suddenly the trends have changed course to bet on pendants and charms turned into small amulets.

As much as the designs move away from the XL models of yesteryear, the aesthetics followed by the maxims of the 'horror vacui' does not abandon us as the new tendency overlap necklaces with amulet effect pendants.Of course, social networks combine a couple of necklaces and their pertinent pendants, so when we talk about the 'layering' in matters of jewelry, we do not talk about having M.a Barracus in mind, but of following the wake of influencers like Teresa Andrés AndrésGonzalvo, who combines various pendants from María Pascual, the favorite firm of social networks.

Ana de Armas has become the queen of the headlines because of her pendants, although the reason for such excessive media interest is that one of them is half of a heart whose other half hangs on her boy's neck, Ben Affleck.The actress carries her teenage soul pendant with three golden pendants from Foundrae, whose prices range between 1,700 and 8,000 euros.The pendants of her always have a meaning and respond to the fashion 'New Age' that we have already spoken.For example, one of them represents the strength and that of the crescent speaks of the daily growth process of who carries it.

Amuletos de la suerte superpuestos: así los llevan Ana de Armas y María Pombo

For her part, María Pombo presents her new collection for Agatha Paris, of which she is an image.The collaboration of it is composed of nine pendants and a line of chain in six different colors.The influencer wanted to reflect in her designs the values that are essential for her, as well as the feelings that move her in life.

It coincides with Ana de Armas with a crescent pendant that represents hope, and includes pendants among which we find a Turkish eye that represents protection, a compass that symbolizes a guide to follow the path of life and mythical horseshoe thatHe talks about luck and is inspired by a design that his mother had.The favorite of her is the snake pendant, which "being elongated favors any neckline," she says.

"In addition to the fact that in Egypt they explained that they are very wise animals that represent force against chaos," he says in Stories, where he presents the rest of the collection that, as we can see, goes beyond mere aesthetics. "I love itCarrying things mean, the same thing happens to me with tattoos but since I do not have, I like to have those special messages in my looks, "Pombo confesses in her networks.

Emily Ratajkowski, after surprising the world with her new hair color, has now been photographed with various golden pendants with which she takes note of this trend.Among them we find one in which XS photographs of some of her youngest relatives of her appear and that she combines with her favorite pendants, among which the collar with charm of the good luck of Jennifer Meyer stands out.