The keys of Kate Middleton's new style for his 40th birthday

Kate Middleton

This Sunday will be one to remember at Buckingham Palace, as Kate Middleton celebrates her 40 years.While the restrictions following the health crisis in the United Kingdom will prevent the royal family from organizing a fiestón at the height of such an important figure, they will surely find a way to honor the Duchess of Cambridge, as well as us.With every year that passes, more responsibilities assumes such as future queen consort and their styles are a reflection of this.In 2021, we have seen more winks than ever to the missing Diana de Wales, historical jewels of the Windsor dynasty, her collection of affordable American and a selection of stunning gala dresses that have won a entourage of admirers worldwide.

- Kate inaugurates Christmas with a fabulous detachable jacket-jacket

Kate Middleton cumple 40 años

Its stellar moment, full of messages for Isabel II

20 years have passed since the paths of Prince Guillermo and an art history student at the University of St.Andrews.Now, after 10 years of married and two little heirs, that young woman has become a precious good for the British crown.From a discreet wife to undoubted protagonist, Kate dazzles in each act with his distinguished porte and sophistication.This was demonstrated (with his skills before the piano) at the prenavideño concert of the Westminster Abbey, a symbolic televised moment in which he wore a red coat-lazo that also has black and was his choice to go to the funeral of the Duke ofEdinburgh in April.And the jewels?Another wink to her husband's grandmother, with slopes of diamonds and sapphires that belonged to the queen mother.

- Kate Middleton's look in his performance: a 'coat-lazo' and the soup of the mother's sapphire

Kate Middleton cumple 40 años y repasamos su estilo en 2021

A new favorite color: What does it mean?

In previous years, the Duchess of Cambridge refrained from hiding her idyll with blue.It was one of the distinctive stamps of his mother -in -law and, according to experts in neuromarketing, transmits trust and kindness.However, as he prepares to assume a role of greater relevance, and under the tutelage of Isabel II, Kate has changed the chromatic range for the powerful Carmine red.Symbol of power, security and passion, this tone is more than appropriate for a future queen.I live an example is our own Mrs. Letizia, who has intentionally made her style talisman of red.

Las claves del nuevo estilo de Kate Middleton por su 40 cumpleaños

- Kate becomes 'The woman in red' with the help of the Spanish bag that inspired Meghan

Kate Middleton cumple 40 años

His viral inn of 'Bond girl'

After postponing its premiere because of the pandemia, it does not time to die, the anticipated new film of the most famous spy in the world, saw the light in September, congregating in its London premiere the protagonists of the film and other famous guests invited.We never anticipate, however, the golden dress of Bond girl, covered in sequins, with which the Duchess of Cambridge hit that red carpet, a luxury look worthy of millions of likes.It was later revealed that this exclusive design of its favorite dressmaker is directly inspired by the iconic women of the saga and, unexpectedly, also in Diana de Wales.

- The real reason behind the Kate Middleton sequins dressed

Kate Middleton cumple 40 años

A new formula for your gala quotes

During his early years as an official member of the Royal Family, Kate showed preference for smooth and romantic dresses, in sweet shades or with subtle lace details.Therefore, its style evolution is especially palpable through its haute couture pieces.After surprising with the golden look of Bond Chica in that premiere, he returned to the Balefic gala Royal Variety Performance with a spectacular emerald green design plagued by rhinestones and sequins.Does it sound familiar to you?This creation was made specifically for his official visit to Pakistan in 2019 and then finished it with a traditional Dupatta -type Asian scar, which he dispensed with on this recent occasion.

- Kate Middleton shines with her emerald dress of Asian inspiration

Kate Middleton cumple 40 años

Repeated a memorable and meaning look

And they are not the only gala inns that Kate occupied headlines this 2021.Far from the premieres and brightness we expected for his next encounter with the spotlights, he opted for an appropriate ode to sustainability for the Earthshot Awards in London.To walk the 'Green Carpet', recycled a Alexander McQueen dress (the same firm that disagined his wedding suit) that has been in his closet for 10 years.With him, he not only reminded us that a member of royalty also repeats clothes from time to time - Kate, in fact, is an expert in the field - but also evoked his last appearance of gala with Guillermo before the 'yes I want', the 2011 BAFTA Awards.

- Kate Middleton, the 'royal' that triumphs with party dresses even 10 years ago

Kate Middleton

Strengthens your relationship with affordable fashion

Like other popular European royals, Kate does not get carried away by the titles or palaces when buying the latest trends, as it resorts to the same firms as we are.We do not refer, of course, to that jacket-support valued in 1.500 euros, pero sí a sus últimos aciertos low cost sacados directamente de los catálogos de Zara, H&M o ASOS.Basic point tops, patterned dresses and a wide selection of crossed American...With these findings follow the wake of Victoria by Sweden or Doña Letizia, who trust the Fast Fashion giants for their most elegant looks.

- Kate gives a new chance to Zara's lowered dress that remembers Diana

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