The pasture that Rocío Flores has spent on his last and exclusive capricots as' influencing'

Rocío Flores es una de las 'influencers' más mediáticas del país. Desde su salida de 'Supervivientes', la nieta de Rocío Jurado, que siempre ha estado interesada en el mundo de la moda, dedica su vida a compartir sus mejores 'looks' con sus seguidores. Además, físicamente, está estupenda desde que aterrizó de Honduras el pasado 2020 y, la mayoría del dinero que gana de las redes parece que lo invierte en comprar verdaderas joyas del mundo de la moda.

Although she goes through one of her worst family moments, with the broadcast of her mother's docuserie, with which she has no relationship for years, 'Rocío, telling the truth to stay alive', and the separation of her father, Antonio David Flores from Olga Moreno, the image of the collaborator of 'the Ana Rosa Program', it is more impeccable every day and, therefore, it is no wonder that the kings of social media count on her to attend the most glamorous events.

El pastizal que se ha gastado Rocío Flores en sus últimos y exclusivos caprichitos como 'influencer'

A couple of days ago Susana Molina presented her new project at an event attended by numerous fellow professionals such as Marta Riumbau or even Anabel Pantoja. A date to which Rocío Flores was invited, of course. Rocío Carrasco's daughter's "total look" has gone viral, the motive? The pasture that has been spent for its supplements. It is not available to everyone, but Rocío has worn a belt of a well-known luxury brand that ranges from 300 to 500 euros. Besides, that's not all because, to give color to the outfit, you bet on another brand bag that costs 305 euros. But the last straw was the boots of one of the most prestigious luxury brands that could have cost him 1,500 euros.

Its exclusive aesthetic retouches

This is not the first time that in CADENA 100 we talked about the pasture that Rocío Flores spends on these capricitos. Days ago Rocío Flores shared, through 'Instagram stories', the retouches she had undergone in one of the most exclusive and expensive clinics in Madrid, where they detailed everything they had done to Rocío Carrasco's daughter.

"A few days ago we had @ rotrece at our clinic. He wanted to moisturize his lips and improve his nose, and once again, he trusted Dr. Christopher Oyola for it. This time we also opted for a little botulinum toxin to attenuate its expression wrinkles on the forehead. It is an excellent preventive treatment of aging and the appearance of deeper wrinkles. Rhinomodeling is a simple procedure by which we can modify our nose in most cases, without having to go through the operating room and in a matter of minutes. Hyaluronic acid returns juiciness and healthy appearance to the lips. Painfully, in a matter of minutes, without casualties, acid duration between 8 and 12 months and a Botox duration of about 6 months-she is happy, and we are more! ", they commented from the clinic.

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