Burberry will stop wearing animal skins in his collections and burn unsold clothes.

London, 6 Sep. (Reuters / EP)-

The British luxury brand, Burberry, announced this Thursday that it will stop burning clothes that it does not sell and that it will not wear animal skins in its collections following protests by consumers and environmental organizations about such practices.

Last July, Burberry admitted that he burned clothes that were not sold-valued annually at £28.6 million-so that it would not be distributed at lower prices and the brand would not be devalued.

This statement focused on the profiteering practices of the fashion industry (both luxury and mass), after the owner of Cartier and Montblanc acknowledged a few months ago that he bought his own watches from his distributors to avoid market saturation.

Burberry dejará de usar pieles de animales en sus colecciones y de quemar la ropa no vendida

Burberry has also announced that he will follow the trail of other luxury brands such as Versace, Gucci and the precursor of fashion ethics, Stella McCartney, and will stop using animal skin for his designs, such as rabbit, fox, mink or Asian raccoon.

"today's luxury has to be responsible to society and the environment," said Marco Gobbetti's executive director, who seeks to reposition and transform the British fashion house.