Coronavirus in Castilla y León: FEBRUARY OF FEBRUARY 27

Sábado 27 de febrero

21:30 El cribado en los Pabellones del Oeste de Astorga (León) detecta seis positivos en 36 test efectuados

The screening held this Saturday by the Primary Care Management of León in the so -called West Pavilions Zone, in the town of Astorga, detected six positives in a total of 36 antigen tests carried out.Similarly, 36 PCR tests were done, but the results will take a minimum of one day to know each other.

Primary Care decided yesterday to carry out this screening after locating an outbreak of 18 people, all of them asymptomatic or with mild symptoms, in a neighborhood in which about 70 people live together.

21:00 Herido un ciclista en Cantalejo (Segovia) tras ser atropellado por un turismo

N cyclist has been injured this Saturday after being hit by a tourism on the SG-205 road, at the exit of Cantalejo (Segovia), in the direction of Cuéllar, around 16.40 hours.As reported by Fuentes del Castilla y León.The wounded, a man in his 40s, who has momentarily lost consciousness, has been transferred to Burgos University Hospital by Sacyl helicopter.In the operating room of the Emergency Center 112 Castilla y León, a call has been received that requested assistance for the injured cyclist after an outrage, which had lost consciousness, although at the time of making the call he began to recover it.In addition to giving notice to the Civil Guard of Traffic, a sanitary helicopter, a basic life support ambulance and primary care health personnel of the Health Center of Cantalejo have moved to the scene of the accident.

20:30 El Ademar logra trabajado triunfo en Rusia que le coloca segundo de grupo

Abanca's victory Adear on the Chekhovskie Medvedi track will be remembered as one of the deeds of the Leon team in European competition by defeating the Russian champion (34-35) with numerous casualties of vital pieces -Ghedbane, March or Lucin- and afterA trip that sent him at dawn with hardly any time to rest before a clash whose result guarantees the second place of the group A. The Leon team gave his solvent face again in the continental competition and, nor the defeat in Thursday's LeagueBefore Puente Genil that moved him away from the European squares for the next campaign, nor the absences, they prevented him from competing in front of a rival who fell again by the minimum.

20:00 Cs León denuncia la “vergonzosa organización” de la estación de esquí de San Isidro por parte de la Diputación

The spokeswoman for Citizens in the Diputación de León, Gemma Villarroel, denounced today the "shameful lack of organization and information" of the San Isidro ski resort, which he said caused that hundreds of skiers who had moved to the station to FirstTime could not use the clues by ignoring the maximum capacity and given the impossibility of reserving the trade from the Internet.

Villarroel said that the information provided to users "is misleading", since the opening schedule of the public and that appears on the website of the station is at nine in the morning, when those responsible forThe station communicated half an hour before that moment that no more outlets were sold to the public.

19:35 El Instituto Castellano y Leonés conmemora el Día de la Mujer con el programa ‘Mujeres en la literatura y el periodismo’

The Castilian and Leon Institute of the Language celebrates the ‘International Women's Day’, commemoration that is remembered worldwide on March 8, with the cultural program ‘Women in literature and journalism’. This program includes a set of proposals that will be broadcast live through the YouTube channel of the Foundation and that have been scheduled on March 5, 8 and 9. All proposals will be virtual due to the limitations of the current health crisis, which hinder the celebration of face -to -face acts. The City of Miranda de Ebro adheres to this program. The popular writers Espido Freire and Vanessa Monfort, the veteran journalist Rosa María Calaf, the Salamanca Pilar Fraile - new winner of the 'XIX Award of the Critics of Castilla y León' failed on February 24 for his novel 'Days of Euphoria' - and The Leonese Noemí Sabugal, finalist of the same literary prize with the novel 'Children of Coal'-, the journalist and researcher Bernardo Díaz Nosty, author of the book' Voices of Women. Spanish journalists of the twentieth century born before the end of the Civil War ’, together with the professors Carmen Morán (University of Valladolid) and María Ángeles Pérez (University of Salamanca), commissioners of the new exhibition‘ Literature in Women's Key. Ten writers from Castilla y León ’are the guests of these days linked to the prominence of women in journalism and literature.

19:00 Cinco heridos en tres accidentes de tráfico en la provincia de Salamanca

Five people were injured today in three traffic accidents in the province of Salamanca, specifically in Carrascal de Barregas, Alba de Yeltes and Villares de la Reina, so they were transferred in ambulance and mobile UVI to the hospital complex of the capital.The first incident took place minutes before 10 am in a collision between two cars in Carrascal de Barregas, as a result of which a 44 -year -old man who was transferred to the hospital was injured while two other people (a woman andA man of about 75 years), who were traveling in the other vehicle, were taken to the same center in a private car.At 1:30 p.m., there was the fall of a 54 -year -old motorist at the entrance of Alba de Yeltes, who was transferred in UVI mobile to the same hospital.

At 2:11 pm, the Operations Chamber of the 112 Emergency Center Castilla y León received another call that warned of another fall of a motorist in Villares de la Reina, where assistance is required for the driver, which had been injured.The 1-1-2 warned from this accident to the Civil Guard (traffic) of Salamanca and sanitary emergencies-Sacyl, which sends a basic life support ambulance.The toilets attended a 54 -year -old man and transferred to the capital's hospital.

18:45 Trasladadas dos mujeres al hospital tras una intoxicación de humo en el incendio de una vivienda en Valladolid

Two women aged 27 and 20 were transferred today to the hospital after smoke poisoning in the fire of a house in Valladolid. The Operating Room of the 112 Emergency Center Castilla y León received several calls minutes before the 14 hours that warned of a fire that had been declared in the gallery of a house at the crossroads of Gabilondo Street with Florida Street in the capital , without any person being able to specify if the fire had caused injuries to a tenant of the block. The 112 warned of this event to the Municipal Police and the Firefighters of Valladolid, and to the National Police Corps. Subsequently, firefighters reported the need for medical assistance for at least one person. Therefore, the change of situation to sanitary emergencies - Sacyl, which sent two mobile uvis and a basic life support ambulance. In the place, Sacyl's health personnel finally attended two people with smoke poisoning symptoms, a 27 -year -old woman who moved one of the mobile UVIS to the Río Hortega de Valladolid University Hospital; and another 20 -year -old woman, who moved to the same center but in a basic life support ambulance.

18:30 El Comité Provincial del PSOE de Palencia demanda la agilización de los plazos para construir el nuevo hospital

The PSOE of Palencia reported that it focused most of the meeting of its provincial committee held this morning in the health situation for which both the capital and the hundreds of villages of the rural environment that “see every day the decrease of public services every day , especially those related to your health. ” In the proposal for the resolution approved during the committee, special mention was made to the stoppage of the construction works of the technical block of the Río Carrión de Palencia Hospital that “it should have been completed in May of this year”. “The works were interrupted and only the parking lot came to execute. All this will mean that the administrative procedures must begin from scratch and the promised deadlines will be informed again, especially if one takes into account that in the general budgets of the community for this year only an insignificant consignment of 500,000 euros is collected, ”they denounced. From the PSOE this fact is considered a "new tease" of the Board, which will cause the "nth" delay in the construction of this sanitary infrastructure that dates back to 2002

18:15 El Corte Inglés contempla un ajuste de plantilla que podría afectar hasta a 3.500 trabajadores

The English Court and the unions with representation in the company today held a meeting in which the company reported on its template adjustment plan, which could affect up to 3,500 workers, according to trade union sources.According to the sources consulted, the company would have indicated its intention that the adjustment affects between 3,000 and 3,500 workers throughout Spain and that it is completed through the voluntary assignment of the employees.

18:00 Rescatan a dos mujeres de 59 y 75 años que sufrieron sendos accidentes separados apenas por una hora en el entorno natural de Covaleda

Two 59 and 75 -year -old women had to be rescued today in the Caredaa area after suffering two accidents, located in Bocalprado and Cubillos, respectively, at 11.44 and 12.58, depending on the time the notices were received.Firefighters of the fire extinguishing service and rescue of Soria Park moved to participate in the two bailouts in that natural environment that occurred virtually simultaneously separated by one hour.The town hall, in this case a command and three firefighters of the rescue team, carried out this action in collaboration with the Civil Guard.The device carried out the transfer through the Monte area until reaching the track where the health services and emergency technicians were located for the transfer to the ambulance hospital.

17:45 Alcaldes y concejales socialistas exigen a la Junta la reapertura de todos los consultorios locales en el medio rural

The local representatives of the PSOE of Municipalities on the Axis of the A-601 held a telematic meeting with the spokesman of the Socialist Group in the Diputación de Segovia, Máximo San Macario;the deputy of the area and mayor of Navalmanzano, Pablo Ángel Torrego;The Secretary of Organization and Viceportavoz in the institution, José Antonio Mateo, the Secretary of Municipal Policy, Alberto Peñas, and the general secretary of the Segovian party, José Luis Aceves.The mayors and councilors regretted that “sadly, because of the way of governing they have at the Junta de Castilla y León, both Mañueco and Igea seem to have assumed that living in small villages means having less rights, but that we will not allow it and we will continueclaiming to the regional government the total opening of rural offices, which is nothing more than asking not to discriminate or criminalize anyone for their place of residence. ”

17:30 herida grave una niña de siete años tras ser atropellada en Ciudad Rodrigo

A 7 -year -old girl has been serious injury when she was run over by a car on Santa Clara Street in Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca), so she has had to be transferred in a helicopter to the Salamanca health complex of the Salamanca capital.As reported on Saturday the 1-1-2 Castilla y León emergency service, the outrage occurred at 1:44 p.m. at the intersection of Santa Clara and Varela streets.The first information received by emergency services warned that the child was aware, with a trauma in the head, after being unconscious.Once they attended the youngest of her, she was transferred to the Clinical Hospital of the Salamanca assistance complex in a sanitary helicopter.

17:00 Un centenar de personas se manifiestan en Burgos en contra de la privatización de la Sanidad Pública

A hundred people said today in Burgos in defense of public health and against their privatization.This mobilization is framed within the campaign ‘Never again avoidable, never more privatizations”.With departure in the Plaza del Cid, a hundred people toured the Burgos capital to ask that a "universal, free and quality" public health be implanted.

Coronavirus en Castilla y León: Toque de queda del 27 de febrero

"It is a health that for a long time they are trying to dismantHealth and enrichment of the private health sector ”.A situation that states that it is more appreciated in this time of crisis by COVID-19, in which primary care "is starting to make waters because it does not support the health pressure that this situation exerts."

16:30 La Lotería Nacional deja un segundo premio en Salas de los Infantes (Burgos), Lumbrales (Salamanca) y Medina del Campo (Valladolid)

The National Lottery draw held today Saturday left part of a second prize, endowed with 120,000 euros to the number, in the Burgos town of Salas de los Infantes (Administration one), the Salamanca de Lumbrales (Receiver Office 64075, in La Calle La Calle La Calle La Calle La CalleChurch, 2) and the Valladolid of Medina del Campo (Office 84670, on Padilla Street, 24), where the award -winning number was sold, 26,456.

The awarded number was also recorded in other administrations of the provinces of Almería, Asturias, Badajoz, Madrid, Malaga, Murcia, Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Valencia.As for the first prize, corresponding to number 33,459 and endowed with 600,000 euros, it was distributed in Basauri (Vizcaya) and Cartega (Murcia).

16:00 Más de 560 científicos apoyan que se prohíba la caza del lobo

A total of 562 scientists have signed until Saturday morning an open letter in favor of the protection of the Iberian wolf, science and coexistence with other activities, such as extensive livestock.The WWF Environmental Organization has promoted that initiative after the controversy unleashed as of February 4, when the State Commission for Natural Heritage and Biodiversity, an organ in which the Spanish Government, the Autonomous Communities and the cities of Ceuta are representedand Melilla, agreed for a tight majority - new votes in favor, eight against and abstention - to include the Iberian wolf in the list of wild species in special protection regime (Lespre), which means that its sport hunting will be prohibited fromNorth of the Duero.

15:30 Las UCI registran siete ingresos y 217 pacientes con COVID-19, uno menos que ayer

The ICUs of the hospitals of Castilla y León registered seven new income from COVID-19 during the last day, with two new beds occupied in critics units in the healthcare complexes of Salamanca and Segovia while there was one more in Burgos, Burgos,The University Clinic of Valladolid and that of León, which places in 217 the total of patients with coronavirus in the UCI of the community, one less than the 218 registered on Friday.The degree of occupation of the current beds enabled in ICU is 65 percent, two points less than yesterday, thanks to the fact that there are nine patients, with 353 people who occupy critics beds of the 542 useful, still far from 25 percentset for a global relaxation of restrictions.

15:00 Vázquez: “Si el PSOE gobernase aquí tendríamos lo mismo que en Moncloa, radicalismo, paro, ruina y dejadez absoluta ante la covid”

The general secretary of the PP in Castilla y León, Francisco Vázquez, said that Castilla y León "does not want another Pedro Sánchez" because "if the PSOE ruled here we would have the same as in Moncloa, radicalism, unemployment, ruin and absolute neglect before the covid”The popular leader stressed that "are still stunned" before "a new chapter of the travel" by the secretary of the PScyl, Luis Tudanca, nowhere ", after again betting on a motion of censure in the community, and argued that"It seems incredible that a socialist leader dares to judge another government other than his for the management of pandemic. ”"I should travel less and demand more," he said, to summarize that "as long”

14:30 Tudanca no descarta ahora una moción de censura y pide a Cs “una reflexión”

The Secretary General of the PSOE of Castilla y León, Luis Tudanca, said that at this time “a motion of censure” is not ruled out against the Government of the Junta de Castilla y León, for which he has asked Citizens “a reflection” . During his speech at the Provincial Committee of the PSOE of Palencia, Tudanca has assured that in recent months they have often questioned him about that possibility and that he has always refused because "the only adversary is the virus" and did not want to do something that he could Assume "a ballast to fight pandemia or to help Castilians and Leon." However, "today is the Government of Castilla y León, Mr. Icea and Mr. Mañueco, which are a ballast," which is why he does not rule out the motion of censure. " Does it depend on us? ”He questioned the socialist leader, who has recognized that they depend on the reflection of Citizens, training in which“ many have realized that they did not come here for this, to continue doing the same and leave in the government to which they have done so much. ”

14:00 Castilla y León necesita deporte

Castilla y León raises the voice to demand the return of the bulk of sports activity, especially schoolchildren. During the AFEDECYL assembly, held this week with the presence of 40 sports federations of Catilla y León, the sports federations have raised their voice against the "critic" situation of sports in the community "are already twelve months that have elapsed since the Beginning of pandemic and except for a few sports competitions that have been authorized, the bulk of regional and provincial competitions still cannot be held in Castilla y León. And we don't know why, ”denounces President Gerardo García Alaguero, who cries out for the return of sports activities. From AFEEDCYL they ensure that the federations, clubs, athletes, technicians, coaches, judges and referees of our community ask questions without anyone giving them answer. “And there are no answers because there are no arguments that support this decision. Because sport is not the problem, it is part of the solution, ”says Alaguero, while the messages of the Ministry of Health in which they claim that from the beginning of the Pandemia sports activities do not even generate even one percent of the Total Covid infections.

13:45 Mañueco exige al Gobierno “muchas más dosis” de vacunas frente a la covid y “en el tiempo previsto”

The president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, today demanded that the Government "send many more doses" of vaccines against the COVID to the community and "in the planned time" so that they can "vaccinate as established."

Mañueco launched a message to social networks, in which he denounces that Castilla y León cannot afford the “uncertainty” generated the last two weeks, when the modern vaccine was not available and health professionals denounced that the secute was at riskdose.

The head of the Regional Executive stressed, in this regard, that with the arrival today of 13,800 doses of the modern vaccine, they will "complete the cycle of health professionals working in the front line."

13:15 Aumentan ligeramente los contagios de COVID en la Comunidad, con 299 casos, pero bajan los fallecimientos, con 12 víctimas

The downward trend of the contagios figure by COVID-19 was injured today in Castilla y León, after the positive number has rebounded in 43 cases in the last 24 hours, until 299. In any case, they are numbersmuch lower than those of recent weeks when, for example, at the beginning of the month more than 1,500 contagios were registered.The good news comes with the deaths caused by the Coronavirus, since there have been 12 victims, compared to 13 yesterday and 19 on Thursday.In addition, the effect of vaccination is already appreciated after, for the second consecutive day, no dead has been counted among residents, nor in hospitals or in the care centers themselves

12:45 Detenido un hombre por amenazar con un cuchillo a dos camareros y los clientes de un bar en el casco histórico de León

Agents of the Local Police of León arrested a man threatened with a knife to two waiters and the clients of a hostel establishment located in the historic center of the city.

The events occurred around 10 pm, when the agents were required by their operational room to go to the establishment of the historic center in which a man was threatening the waiters with a knife.Upon arrival, the agents found a man with a naked torso outside the establishment, which turned out to be the author of the threats.

12:30 CyL promociona oferta turística de naturaleza en edición virtual de feria FIO

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León participates in the virtual edition of the FIO Fair that is held every year in Extremadura, as a specialized and “referent” contest in tourism promotion of nature observation. According to a statement, Castilla y León will promote its tourist offer at the Fair with a virtual stand and will present its specialized tourist products in the professional day FIO BTB against 44 national and international tourist operators. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism continues its tourism promotion strategy, in national and international markets, through participation in professional and specialized tourist competitions, currently in online or virtual mode, due to current health circumstances, which prevent the realization of meetings at the face -to -face level. During this weekend, from February 26 to 28, the Ministry participates in the XVI International Fair of Ornithological Tourism, FIO, which is traditionally held in the Monfragüe National Park, in the province of Cáceres and which, on this occasion, on this occasion, It is developed in virtual mode, through the International Ornithological Tourism Fair Platform.

12:15 “Empresa Familiar en las aulas” regresa a Salamanca de la mano de Aljomar

The Program for the Promotion of the “Family Business in Las Classrooms”, promoted by the Family Business Association of Castilla y León (EFCL) with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, returned for the third year to Salamanca to publicize the values and importanceFrom this type of companies to the students of the province.

Aljomar was in charge of moving the entrepreneurial spirit to the Salamanca schoolchildren, opening its doors to the students of 6th grade of the CEIP Filiberto Villalobos de Guijuelo to show them their history, trajectory and activity, through a work session that, in this editionAnd due to pandemic, it was celebrated telematic.

12:00 ICE destina 1,5 millones a la Compra Pública de Innovación para impulsar la competitividad empresarial

The Institute for Business Competitiveness (ICE) will allocate, in the medium and short term, 1.5 million euros to enhance the public purchase of innovation (ICC) with the financing of the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER).This strategic action line, financed by the FEDER, is part of the program called CPI scale that aims to improve innovation and business competitiveness of the community through the CPI.

The Ministry of Economy and Finance, through ICE, has opened a process of collection of innovative technological solutions to create a new intelligent platform for entrepreneurs and companies that support innovation and entrepreneurship in the community.

11:30 CSIF urge a vacunación de estudiantes en prácticas de profesiones sanitarias

The Independent and Officials Trade Union Central (CSIF) urges the Ministry of Health that "immediately" vaccines all health professions students, who are doing practices in hospital and primary care centers, some in plants with patients infected by COVID-19. According to a statement, "it is incomprehensible and intolerable that they are not yet vaccinated, putting their health, that of their families and that of the patients at risk," warns the union.CSIF denounces that, according to the information he has collected in the various provinces, it seems that a good part of the students of health professions, such as medicine, nursing, TCAES or physiotherapists, are doing practices without being vaccinated, “which is a tremendous irresponsibility ofthe Ministry of Health and of the Universities themselves, which has already caused some contagion. ”

11:15 Castilla y León recibe 13.800 dosis de la vacuna de Moderna tras dos semanas sin disponibilidad

The Community of Castilla y León has received in the last hours a vaccine remittance in front of the Modern Company COVID-19, specifically 13,800 units, after two weeks in which there has been no availability of this vaccination type.

The modern vaccine had been defined, in general and within the framework of the National Pandemic Vaccination Strategy, as for use among first -line health professionals, due to the characteristics of its logistics.

11:00 La fachada del Ayuntamiento de Zamora se iluminará mañana de verde y morado con motivo del Día Mundial de las Enfermedades Raras

The main facade of the City Council will light tomorrow of green and purple to give greater visibility on World Day of Rare Diseases, which this year is commemorated on February 28 (February 29 in leap years).In a way the City Council and the city of Zamora add to the campaign carried out by the Spanish Federation of Rare Diseases -Feder-, in order to raise awareness of society in general about rare diseases and place them as a priority in theSocial and health agenda.From Feder, three basic and fundamental pillars are raised in the face of rare diseases, such as the commitment to research, since only 20% of these diseases are investigated;the struggle for health and social transformation;and the union to work in a network, especially at this time conditioned by Covid 19, as main values and symptoms of the hope of families.

10:45 Armisén se compromete con la reconversión de la antigua escuela de la localidad palentina de Grijota en centro juvenil y cultural

The spokesman of the Popular Municipal Group Javier Muñoz Remacha, denounces the "abandonment" to which, in his opinion and that of his party, the industrial estate of "Las Casas" de Soria is subjected by the City Council.

Therefore, it claims to the government team led by the socialist Carlos Martínez a comprehensive reform of the Las Casas polygon that includes asphalting of streets, sidewalk arrangement, installation of lighting points, traffic lights, and gardening arrangements, among other improvements.

“Enough of delays, the polygon Las Casas needs comprehensive reform.It is the only industrial and commercial polygon in our city and is abandoned.We cannot afford other totally unnecessary investments while the polygon continues in an unfortunate state.The intervention carried out through the Soria Plan has been insufficient. ”The popular points out.

10:30 El PP denuncia el “abandono” del polígono soriano de Las Casas

The spokesman of the Popular Municipal Group Javier Muñoz Remacha, denounces the "abandonment" to which, in his opinion and that of his party, the industrial estate of "Las Casas" de Soria is subjected by the City Council.

Therefore, it claims to the government team led by the socialist Carlos Martínez a comprehensive reform of the Las Casas polygon that includes asphalting of streets, sidewalk arrangement, installation of lighting points, traffic lights, and gardening arrangements, among other improvements.

“Enough of delays, the polygon Las Casas needs comprehensive reform.It is the only industrial and commercial polygon in our city and is abandoned.We cannot afford other totally unnecessary investments while the polygon continues in an unfortunate state.The intervention carried out through the Soria Plan has been insufficient. ”The popular points out.

10:15 León pone en marcha el programa de empleo ‘Empodera’ para la inserción socio laboral de las mujeres víctimas de violencia de género

The Department of Equality of the City of León launches the Employment Employment Program ’for women victims of gender violence to promote the socio -labor insertion of women. Through this training action, it is intended, as explained by the Councilor for Equality, Algeria Cabado, enhance the employability of victims of sexist violence and the reinforcement of their personal skills and competences for effective labor insertion, taking into account the specific situation and the reality of each of them. Therefore, real and personalized support will be provided to the recipients that includes orientation and advice integration in training, employment, benefits and financial aid, work current or any other aspect that need or is considered positive to improve their possibilities of labor insertion .'Empodera 'is based on the professional and personalized support of the process: life, change, reconstruction and insertion of women victims of gender violence with continuous and individualized attention.

10:05 Cultura financiera para los jóvenes

CaixaBank celebrates its “Finance for Youth” program for the fourth year, which this year for the pandemic will be developed online, which is having a great reception and is highlighting that there is interest among the youth population.In addition, they are Volunteers of CaixaBank in Castilla y León who participate in this initiative that this year will help 228 students to administer their economy and acquire basic knowledge about finance.The objective of these sessions, which are carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Financial Studies (IEF) and the Ministry of Education, is to contribute to students being aware of the importance of savings, know how to manage income and expenses, and can improveYour personal economy.

09:45 Los cribados masivos en municipios de la Sierra de Salamanca se saldan con cuatro positivos entre 354 pruebas

The mass screenings made yesterday in several municipalities of the Sierra de Salamanca threw a total of four positives in COVID-19 among the 354 tests performed.The Junta de Castilla y León carried out this Friday test of second generation antigens in sequens, with a positive between 128 tests;Villanueva del Conde, with three positives between 91 tests;and Garcibuey, without positive among the 135 tests performed.The positives did not present symptoms and, from the moment in which the test result was facilitated, they are isolated, which prevents the spread of the virus.

09:30 Patrimonio Nacional reabre sus Reales Sitios en Castilla y León

National Heritage will reopen this Saturday, February 27, the royal palaces of the farm of San Ildefonso and Riofrío in the province of Segovia; the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara de Tordesillas, in Valladolid; and the monastery of Santa María la Real de Las strikes, in Burgos, after having been closed since January 23 attending the health recommendations of the regional authorities of Castilla y León. The reopening of the four reais sites is given by the improvement of the health situation in this autonomous community. In this way, National Heritage returns to all its open monuments in Castilla y León, following the sanitary measures adopted by the competent bodies to guarantee a safe public visit. In this sense, and as it was done before closing, National Heritage will maintain capacity controls, limited to 33 percent in the palaces of the farm and riofrío, which can access a maximum of 90 and 70 people per hour , respectively. On the other hand, in the monasteries of Santa Clara and Las strikes, the guided tour will constitute the only access modality and, as in the farm and in Riofrío, these groups will be 5 people, in addition to the guide.

09:15 Castilla y León ha administrado el 82 por ciento de las vacunas recibidas

The Ministry of Health reported that Castilla y León had received last Friday a total of 300,885 doses of vaccines against COVID-19, of which it had administered 245,671, 82.3 percent, compared to a percentage in Spain of the Spain of the80 percent, up to 3.6 million.The report released by the health authorities also indicates that in the community, there are already 88,792 people with the complete vaccination pattern.Finally, the region had received 246,585 doses of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday;13,500 modern;and another 40,800 of Astrazeneca.

09:00 Sábado casi primaveral en Castilla y León

Castilla y León can enjoy a Saturday with temperatures closer to spring than to the winter in which we are.There will be maximum of up to 17 degrees in several provinces such as Salamanca and Segovia, although in the rest they can exceed fifteen too.The community dawns with cloudy intervals, tending to little cloudy during the day, increasing cloudiness again at night in the northeast.Matinal fogs and fog banks are not ruled out.Weak frosts on the mountain, without ruling them out on the plateau.Loose northeast winds, more intense in the northeast.

Resumen del 26/02/2021

Friday leaves several news of interest of which reason echoes in its digital and paper editions.Among them, the usual daily part of the epidemiological situation of the community, which leaves positive data that confirms the stabilization of the curve.The community adds 256 positive and 13 deaths in hospitals.In addition, the effect of vaccination is already appreciated after no dead person has been counted among residents, nor in hospitals or in the care centers themselves, according to the data provided by the Board.As for the outbreaks, currently in the community as a whole are 406 and the positive cases to them linked, 2,522.

Regarding the de -escalated, the president of the Board makes it clear that from Castilla y León they do not wantFatigue existing in society and also among health workers, but also for the delicate economic situation of many sectors, which continue to go to the streets to protest, desperate for the situation in which they live, without income and with an uncertain future.

The president of the Board confirmed this Friday that his government will undertake the decalsed "without haste" and with "prudence", but also supported by the evolution of vaccinations.

"We continue to be in a delicate and exceptional situation, which requires exceptional decisions," said Fernández Mañueco, who recognized the difficulties of many affected families and sectors, such as the hotelier who today has returned to the streets of Valladolid to demonstrate for hisSituation, to which he transferred his "affection and understanding" but recalled that next week they will be able to start collecting the direct promised aids worth 50,000 million euros for a total of 25,000 applications.

In Culture, the counselor Javier Ortega has presented the cultural program for March in the Network of Cultural Centers of the Junta de Castilla y León, in the nine provinces of the community.The programming organized for next month includes a total of 646 activities, which represents 16 percent more than the previous month.In addition, he highlighted the “effort made by the Network of Autonomous Management Centers, promoting its cultural activity, which has allowed to maintain the activity, reprogram it and adapt it to digital formats, which is managing to promote an important interaction and monitoring through the formaton-line".

In agricultural and livestock matters, the Agricultural Institute of Castilla y León (Itacyl) continues to work on the research and innovation of the pistachio in its agronomic, healthy and bioeconomy aspects.Its adaptation to certain areas of the plateau, its profitability and its high demand make the pistachio an interesting alternative to traditional crops in Castilla y León.

To guarantee its viability and maximize this profitability, it is necessary to know the most appropriate conditions for its implementation, such as the needs of cold hours, resistance to late frosts in spring, relative humidity during the vegetative cycle or heat units.All this will allow to determine what varieties and forms of cultivation are best adapted to the weather conditions of the community.

And in transport, on Friday he leaves the presentation by the President of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, of the new Rural Bond of Transportation to the demand.which will begin to be applied as a pilot project this next March in the Salamanca town of Fuentes de Oñoro, on the border with Portugal, with the challenge that in a year it reaches more than five thousand municipalities in 123 areas of the community throughof 1,900 routes, and that in 2023 reaches the more than six thousand locations in Castilla y León.

“It is a magnificent news for the community, which will allow a strong impulse to rural mobility and will improve the quality of life of the people who live and work in the villages since it will facilitate access to health, social services, theleisure or administrative procedures, said Fernández Mañueco, while explaining this transport service to the demand will be free and although it is aimed at more than 1.2 million potential users, anyone can use it, from neighbors of each municipality to tourists or peopleThey will enjoy a few days off or have a second residence.