Parfois is ahead of spring with 3 spectacular dresses with which not to go unnoticed

Parfois offers the most beautiful and trending flower dresses for the entire month of January new season with incredible prices. It has that ambiguity and eclecticism characteristic of Desigual. In addition, Parfois takes them to Jerez de la Frontera or the rest of Spain. Start the year in fashion with these heart attack dresses at a price that will marvel you.

Remember that Parfois can also be found in the establishments of El Corte Inglés. Take a look at the dresses that you will not want to let slip this season with prices on the floor.

With the arrival of spring we witness how nature transforms, giving way to warmer climates and, with them, the blossoming of trees, flowers and plants. As usual, firms use everything around them to create the incredible proposals we see in their presentations, including flower prints.

Parfois dresses

Long dress with flowers

This dress is transgressive and brutal. It brings together everything: it is fresh, modern, avant-garde and comfortable. Parfois is being faithful to the floral trend this time over two types of backgrounds, which combine white and black. Perfect to combine with boots, sstilettos and even sneakers.


Dress in a nightgown with flowers

Parfois se adelanta a la primavera con 3 espectaculares vestidos con los que no pasar desapercibida

The nightgown dresses are authentic hybrids between the shirt and the dress, usually with button-buttoned or bell-shaped closure. This is the case with this particular garment. A dress that brings out its most retro side with blue, red and green flowers on a marked black background.


Short dress with flowers

If you want to go to the latest fashion, this is your garment. This dress is wonderful. A modern and context-taken version of the previous model that could well be signed by luxury brands experts in deconstruction, as is the case with Balenciaga. A dress composed of a simple pattern of t-shirt neck and long sleeve that is noticed with its print of maxi colored flowers.


Prices less than 30 euros

Remember that these signature dresses are new season and for this reason they do not house any kind of discount. If you're really interested in other products with discounts, just go to their web portal where you're going to find these kind of discounts so much sought after.

Very competent rebates

Parfois throws the house out the window with his exquisite rebates. This is why such beautiful pieces have a much cheaper cost than usual. Most useful clothes that are going to blow you off at their scandal price.

These garments are the perfect gift and detail of the whole season. Don't miss this opportunity to start the year with them in your possession. Parfois always has a lot to say and between his new collection or his sales section you'll find everything you need firmly.

In Jerez de la Frontera

Don't forget Parfois takes them home. Whether you live in Jerez de la Frontera or in the rest of Spain, you will have your bags lowered in your own home. On the contrary, if you prefer to walk around and go for physical shopping, you have the option to visit the firm's establishments or El Corte Inglés.