How to choose the perfect swimsuit and how to make it last from one season to the next

Swimsuit or bikini? This is the eternal question of every summer and a very complicated answer. No option is better than the other, you just have to know how to choose the swimsuit that best suits our body and makes us feel comfortable and confident. To get the perfect swimsuit we must know our anatomy well to take into account what favors us and what does not. Cómo elegir el bañador perfecto y cómo lograr que te dure de una temporada a otra Cómo elegir el bañador perfecto y cómo lograr que te dure de una temporada a otra

It is basic for a swimsuit or a bikini to feel good that the size is correct, this means that we should never try on a swimsuit or bikini in a hurry. It is important to pay special attention to the chest and look for that piece that enhances it and makes us feel good. To do this we must measure the contour on the chest and below it.

The quality of the materials is very important. Its resistance to elements such as chlorine or salt, the drying time and the elasticity will depend on it, which will make it adapt to the female silhouette like a second skin.

Keys to find that ideal swimsuit or bikini

1- If your bust is voluminous, look for armed garments, with hoops and wide adjustable straps in dark tones. In case you have a small chest and what you are looking for is to enhance it, push-up models are ideal, you can use more striking prints or colors, as well as small details such as ruffles or fringes.

Cómo elegir el bañador perfecto y cómo lograr que te dure de una temporada a otra

2- Patterns play a very important role when creating volumes. If your silhouette is linear, look for ethnic or vegetable prints that add volume. If you want to soften the curves of your body, opt for small prints or plain models.

3- Gathers can be used in two different ways, to give depth to the garment by concealing the volume of the chest and through draping in the abdominal area to reduce the volume of the belly.

4- If your hips are wide, look for panties with side knots to be able to adjust them to your size and wear a top that takes center stage.

Tricks to keep your swimsuit or bikini looking like new

We can think that swimsuits and bikinis are resistant garments, although in reality they are as delicate as underwear.

The salt from the beach, the chlorine, the sweat, the protective creams… they damage the fabrics a lot. With a few simple habits we can prevent them from spoiling before their time.

1- Wash it before using it for the first time. In addition to hygiene, it is convenient to soak the garment before its first use. If we add a little vinegar or salt water we help the colors last longer.

2- Be careful when putting on sunscreen. You have to try to avoid rubbing the fabric so that they do not leave stains on the edges. It is important to pay attention to where we sit to avoid surfaces that can scratch or rub against it, or stain it, as is the case with grass.

3- Always wash after each use with liquid soap for delicate clothes and cold water to remove chlorine and salt. Fabric softener should not be used as it will cause the garments to stretch. It is better to wash them by hand and not to use a washing machine so that they do not wear out or lose color. You have to rinse and stretch, do not leave to soak.

4- Before drying it, it is advisable to remove excess water, taking care not to deform it and lay it in the shade so that the sun does not eat the colors, since it is the element that most spoils the garments. One trick is to lay them upside down. The swimsuits are never ironed or put in the washing machine, and before putting them away you have to make sure that they are completely dry to avoid humidity and fungus.

5- Save them for next summer. It is inevitable that the end of the season will come and it is time to store them for a few months. Before doing so, a final wash is recommended, this time in the washing machine with a delicate program and without fabric softener. Air dry well and store in an airtight bag. When it comes to organizing the closet, it will be easier if you organize everything in boxes that make it easy to see what they contain.

With these little tricks, the clothes will be perfect next season and before we know it we will have summer here again.