Her husband died, she temporarily moved in with her parents and they ransacked her house

The region began 2022 just as it ended and experienced all of 2021: in the worst way, with robberies in all its forms at all hours of the day, and increasingly violent. With increasingly savage motojets that destroy their victims, despite the fact that they do not even resist. Criminals who are not satisfied with the money obtained from their hits, but also seize the vehicles used by the victims, who in a large percentage of cases use them to work, and even the clothes they are wearing.

The Police, meanwhile, look to the side and "liberate the zones", as denounced by the residents of practically all the neighborhoods, both in La Plata and in Berisso and Ensenada. In the vast majority of events, it is not possible to find those involved, and impunity grows day by day.

In the last hours, more precisely during midday on Wednesday, unknown individuals entered the house of a teacher located on Calle 15 between 153 and 154 in Berisso, taking advantage of the fact that there was no one inside, since the woman went to live momentarily with her parents after the death of her husband.

The robbers violated the gate and the main access door, while during the time they remained inside, they seized cash and valuables such as two cameras and a video camera, as well as all kinds of documentation. With that in their possession, they fled and nothing is known about them.

Murió su esposo, se mudó transitoriamente con sus padres y le desvalijaron la casa

Meanwhile, the victim filed the corresponding complaint in the First Police Station of the neighboring city and a case was opened in the UFI 9 of Ignored Authors for the crime of "theft". Now the agents search security cameras, both public and private, to try to locate the thugs. Meanwhile, the experts from the Scientific Police went to the scene to try to record any traces or signs of the thieves.

robbery and blood

In turn, the teenager who was apprehended the day before yesterday in Ensenada after blowing up an employee's skull with a rifle butt during a robbery has already been released, due to his age, while his accomplice never appeared.

The event, recounted exclusively by Trama Urbana in its previous edition, had taken place on 127 between 38 bis and 39 El Dique, when around 11 o'clock two employees of the Sista Internet Company were in a client's home complying with their job duties and then at least two criminals appeared, one of them with a gun. He hit one of the victims, 26, on the head with it and took her cell phone from both him and her partner.

Once the offense was completed, they escaped and the wounded man went by his own means to a medical center, where he had himself treated and it was established that his life was not in danger.

In 38 between 123 and 124, numeraries from the Ensenada Patrol Command found one of the suspects, 14 years old and a resident of El Dique, from whom one of the stolen phones was seized. However, a few hours later he was released for being a minor and nothing is known about his accomplices, who fled with the other cell phone and with the firearm. According to the spokespersons consulted, one of them is 12 years old, he is also from the same neighborhood and has numerous criminal records.

The frontists, both from Berisso and Ensenada (not to mention La Plata), lamented

before this newspaper due to the growing insecurity. “It cannot continue like this and the Police, instead of defending us, are on the other side,” was a common complaint.