The benefits of sleeping naked as a couple

Activates sexual desire, regulates our body temperature and causes a deeper sleep

It is one of the great pleasures of life. Skin to skin, feeling every touch, every caress, her warmth, the smell of her skin. Live, without textile barriers, nothing to hide and a lot to offer.

Spring encourages us to remove layers, both on the street and in bed. Although it is ideal for the whole year, people with colds sometimes consider it unthinkable to sleep naked in winter. Even more so if we do not sleep as a couple.

I am convinced that, after knowing the benefits that sleeping naked offers, both alone and as a couple, not even the coldest will want to miss the delicious experience of falling naked every night in the arms of Morpheus and reborn every morning as he came to this world.


Being a sexologist, I couldn't lose sight of this wonderful benefit. In my opinion, it would be one of the main ones, because if we generate and offer pleasure, in any way, we increase self-esteem, we feel happier and more positive, and with this, we increase our defenses and strengthen the immune system. This physical pleasure affects the emotional and mental by reducing cortisol levels in our body, and therefore, eliminating stress and providing relaxation. In addition, it gives a lot of taste and enhances every sensation. From the contact with the sheets to the caress of your partner when turning or hugging him. Delicious.

improve sex life

Feeling our nudity and the associated sensations helps us to be more aware of our body and its erotic and sensory potential. This awakens the senses and feeds our erotic key and the desire to be caressed, even by oneself. It unites the couple, because less clothing, more friction, which makes love, you know, but it also activates us sexually. It has been shown that couples who sleep naked have a higher frequency of intimate and genital relations. They also present greater sexual satisfaction, as they themselves comment. Skin-to-skin contact generates stronger ties and builds new emotional bonds, thanks to the release of the hormone of love, oxytocin, which also generates relaxation.

Likewise, the activation of desire is one of the most common consequences of this naked dream. If your libido as a couple has decreased in recent years, don't hesitate to undress before getting into bed. It is proven that it works, although it does not work miracles either. If they can't stand it out of bed or there is rejection towards the couple for some reason, it may soften the relationship and little by little the desire awakens. If not, a couples therapist will work better, I tell you, but after the first phase of therapy, we will advise you to start sleeping naked. It doesn't fail!

keeps fit

One of the most important consequences of sleeping naked is that our body temperature is regulated, we cleanse our skin making it easier to breathe better and we wake up cleaner. It maintains the ideal temperature while we sleep, below 21ºC, activating the brown fat that helps us lose weight. If we were wearing pajamas, this would not happen. In this way, a slimming effect is produced, where you sweat less, although you may sweat more because your partner is a stove, which could be, but it is probably to release liquids, which is appreciated in most cases. Of course, when you wake up, drink a couple of small glasses of water to recover and cleanse the toxins released. Furthermore, you will wake up with less appetite due to reduced cortisol or stress, which is caused by sleeping without clothes.

sexual and reproductive health

Sweating is positive and cleanses the pore, that the skin does not breathe in those cases is what could be negative, increasing the degrees of the body and concentrating the humidity. Not covering our skin benefits and protects it, including that of the genital area. In addition, after the shower, your skin will feel much softer if you have sweated before, such as when you play sports. All this also contributes to the release of pheromones, sexual hormones that trigger sexual attraction. In the same way, doing without underwear reduces the risk of irritations, infections and fungi, such as the blissful yeast infection that usually affects so many women and some men. This, according to several experts in the field, apart from proliferating in warm and closed environments, has a bioemotional meaning associated with sexual frustration and even anger with the partner and sleeping naked unites the couple, remember. In addition, it improves reproductive health by maintaining ideal body temperature as it benefits sperm quality and excess heat decreases testosterone production.

deeper sleep

If you sleep naked your sleep will be deeper, you will rest better and your brain will work great during the day. Resting well is essential for all the functions of our body, such as memory and even to have a positive attitude and develop a drama-proof sense of humor. It is a natural antioxidant where anti-aging hormones and melatonin are released more easily, if the temperature is regulated by sleeping naked, and the processing of higher levels of growth hormone is facilitated, thus promoting general health. In this way, we not only stay younger, but we feel younger and this attitude influences the entire body. According to the theory of 'the molecules of emotion' by Cadance B. Pert, the messages we generate affect our molecules and the positive attitude that this naked dream generates in us is magical and healthy. To keep in mind, who sleeps happily, lives happily.

If there are still not enough reasons to undress at bedtime, perhaps you should also know that it reduces the risk of diabetes, increases intestinal motility, improves circulation and reduces blood pressure. All these aspects have a direct relationship with your health, performance and sexual satisfaction.

You know, tonight go to bed, without pajamas.