I like to smell the interior of a new book, and that gesture may be, within not much, a gesture of the past;It is already known, not only read less, is that those who read each time we do it more through electronic devices.I must admit that reading in 'Tablet', 'Ebook', Kindle or any device of those that exist today in the market is very comfortable, a slight pressure from the finger yolk enough to turn page.A small device, just greater than a 'smartphone', does not weigh but does not smell, allows a book or two dozen of them to be loaded;In addition, the prodigious speech has its own light, clock, Internet connection, adapts the size and thickness of the letter to each eye, underlines, seeks definitions or translates words.All those advantages, and more, has the electronic book;Use and abuse for sight.

In order not to lose that wonderful habit of opening a book, today I bring to this area a magazine, 'Farraguas', on the occasion of his third birthday;It is not a high number, but in digital, and pandemic times, getting the number three of a paper magazine is meritorious.


It is striking its peculiar name, 'Farraguas', which in Extremadura is used to designate a disagreement, and in Portugal it is used by mothers to call their children, mixing the love with the fight;In the dialectal dictionary it means disheveled, with the jarapals out of the pants;or unleashed, because we wear clothes outside: "Attack your clothes, you're doing a farragua".

From the term the magazine has only borrowed the name, nothing to do with one of its disastrities meanings, because 'farraguas' is neither misguided nor carries Jarapales.As it shows, the cover, work and gift of Fermín Solís, honoring Gene Kelly himself under a rain of books, hopefully it wasn't just a drawing!Already their predecessors, illustrated the two covers respectively by Pedro Camello and Francisco Casares Holguín, revealed that Farraguas only brought the name.

We look at 'Farraguas' and far from seeming unleashed, the impeccable design and layout work of FernandoMejías.

Leaving her, we appreciate that she is very well seasoned: poetry, narrative, interview, article and a special, "immortal", this time dedicated to J.M. Santiago Castelo, por el catedráticoMiguel Ángel Lama. En este tercer número merece la pena resaltar las colaboraciones de JoséMª Cumbreño, Eugenio Fuentes,Miguel G.Andrea 'Gol' and Adonay Kustanilló.

It was created within a literary gathering of Cácereña, 'La Croqueta', and forged by people from here and there, in any case attached to this land, appreciation that is perceived in the primary edition, almost an artisanal product, kneadedby hand and spoiled.There will be no thousands of copies, just over one hundred, nor will it be presented in society as a great ephemeris, we will accompany it a few friends respecting the distance.

It doesn't matter how or what, paper or screen, book or magazine, more than ever matters to read.Hopefully, with which he is falling, Solís' drawing will come to life and rained books from heaven instead of the happy virus.


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