Michael Jackson and bubbles, the moving story of the chimpanzee of the 'King of POP'


Celebramos el cumpleaños de Michael Jackson, recordando la historia detrás de Bubbles, el chimpancé que adoptó y quiso como a un hijo.
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domingo, 29 de agosto de 2021 · 14:53

Michael Jackson's life was full and marked by numerous controversies that have pursued his name even after his unfortunate death on June 25, 2009. From changing the color of the pigmentation of his skin, to speculations about his heirs, from whom a chimpanzee named bubbles may have benefited.

In addition to being recognized worldwide for his unusual singing and dancing skills, Michael Jackson distinguished himself for his kind behavior towards the people around him and that love, at a time of his life, shared it also for bubbles, a tender chimpanzee who was consented to as a son.

Bubbles, the chimpanzee Michael Jackson loved as a son.

"the King of POP" brought home the primate when he was still very small. The animal was raised during his first living period in Austin, Texas, inside a research center that raised specimens and then performed laboratory medical tests with them.

Michael Jackson y Bubbles, la CONMOVEDORA historia del chimpancé del 'Rey del Pop'

When it came to Michael Jackson, bubbles began an enviable life for any pet and was treated as one more son and a member of the family. There are records showing that the ape ate on the table next to the singer and even drank his drinks from the same glass as him.

The day bubbles met with Japanese authorities and at the studio with Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury

The chimpanzee's first destination was the family residence in Encino, California. Later, the dancer decided to take him to the Neverland ranch in 1988, where he was cared for as a human being. In the documentary "living with Michael Jackson" you can see that he was wearing clothes and even went to sleep in a crib inside the composer's own room.

Bubbles accompanied MJ during some World Tour performances' bad World Tour 'and, even during a visit to Japan, he was said to have been at a meeting to which the performer of "Billie Jean" was invited with a mayor. The pictures of the musician and the mascot drinking tea from the same cup, went around the world.

In David Wigg's memoir, a relative to Freddie Mercury, it is reported that, during a recording in the studio to work with Michael Jackson and Queen's leader, the latter enraged because of bubbles, whom Jackson consulted every decision made in the booth, a situation that was not to the liking of the frontman and caused "there must be more to life than this" never to be finished or revealed, at least not at the time.

What happened to bubbles, Michael Jackson's chimpanzee?

When the pet grew up, the pet began to manifest aggressive behaviors, a natural and quite common reaction in its kind, so it had to be removed from its owner to be sent to an animal sanctuary in California, which was closed, so he redirected his whereabouts to the Great Apes Center in Wauchula, Florida.

When the artist died, the documentary "Michael Jackson and bubbles: the untold history" was released, in which he shows how La Toya Jackson visits the chimpanzee in his current residence, where he has stood out for his painting skills, has become a community leader and enjoys excellent health.

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