The mobile camera is tarnished.It can be fixed?

Another case is that the phone experiences a drastic temperature change that causes the appearance of some way condensation in the camera lens.For example, when you leave the snow after being in a warm place, when you wear your phone in your pocket on an ice cream day or, in general, when the phone moves from a warm and humid atmosphere to another dry or with air conditioning.

Of course, if we immerse it in water for a prolonged period of time, although the phone has an IPX7 or higher level of impermeability, this same problem could easily appear if we do not pay attention to the time and depth in which the phone has been submerged.But, the truth is that it can be prevented as we will see later.

Does the guarantee cover it?

This is one of the most common questions that users are asked.And, although most of the current phones that are advertised as water resistant, in reality, they are not as much as we believed. Esto quiere decir que, básicamente, los daños causados ​​por líquidos en dichos teléfonos no están incluidos en la garantía y el usuario deberá asumir la totalidad de los gastos de reparación.A clear example of two major brands such as Samsung or Apple is that they do not cover the phones damaged by water under warranty.

And so it happens in the rest of smartphones manufacturers, since none are responsible for what we do with the terminals that have water protection.Therefore, the damages are never covered by the guarantee offered by mobile brands.In addition, when the corrosion of the internal elements of the terminal will occur.Something that could be the end of any phone.

On the other hand, there are many insurance that will cover this specific section.Although, for this, we must be who or not hire this type of ‘safeguards’.

Fix a wet camera

La cámara del móvil está empañada. ¿Tiene arreglo?

Yes, but everyone cannot do it.This is what you should do if the camera of your smartphone shows water drops or vaho.

Silica bags

One of the most recommended methods, which we will find in different parts of the Internet, will be the use of the classic silica bags.This method could help us absorb the moisture of the mobile camera.Therefore, we can put the mobile around silica bags that usually come in some products that we buy, since their goal is to absorb the possible moisture that is generated, for example, in clothing boxes or other objects.That is why we recommend you try to buy these silica bags and put them in a hermetic bag next to the wet phone.

Open the phone

The most feasible solution, if you do not want.For example, if you are looking for one to get to work, we recommend this mobile repair kit, in which you will have several tools that you can open the mobile to clean and fix the wet camera so that it does not stay tarnished:

Kit de reparación para el móvil
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Contact the technical service

The best user option that suffers this problem is to take the phone to a support center since the same phone shows water input signs.Even if you only see it in the camera crystal, it is quite likely that you have accessed other components of the phone such as the motherboard and can damage the mobile forever.

An experienced technician can open the phone safely and dry it correctly and then seal the phone again and avoid water entry problems in the future.

Eye with rice and heat

Today almost all phones have Unibody bodies, that is, they are terminals that prevent water entry, but if it sneaks liquid in the camera, you will surely try the traditional rice trick to dry the mobile.

Here it is appropriate to point out that most specialized technicians have encountered mobile phones full of rice inside, or lowercase grain particles, which have spoiled internal components, so it depends on you to apply or not this solution.And, although it is a fairly recurring method by many users, it could be counterproductive to try it.

In addition, as much as we see that one of the solutions will be to apply heat ... we would be falling into a tremendous mistake.Of course, it will not be the same to let a mobile dry completely with the ambient temperature, that applying heat with a dryer, in a microwave, etc..

Therefore, whenever you keep the smartphone under surveillance, you can expose it directly to sunlight, with the screen down, and the wet camera pointing towards the sun.This will eliminate some water, but if you want terminal to eliminate dehumidifier humidity or an air conditioning in moisture absorption mode.

It is likely that when moisture is eliminated, it reappears after a while, but the solution is to repeat this step again and again until it disappears completely.Simply be patient, do not hopeful and do not overexpose the phone in heat.

How to prevent it

Common sense is the best way to prevent smartphone being damaged when wetting it, either in the camera, in the battery, in any other component or the entire terminal in general.Do not forget that we are facing an electronic device, so that water or any liquid will be its greatest enemy.At least for now.

However, if you are going to use the smartphone in the rain, near a pool or in environments with a lot.However, the best thing you can do is not use it at that time to save head colors and possible dislikes, especially, you will make sure you don't end the wet camera.

For example, we can use this type of waterproof bags in which to enter the phone whenever we want, we should only check that it is compatible with our smartphone:

Funda impermeable para el móvil
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