Tips to relieve back pain from large breasts

There are many women who, every day, when they look in front of the mirror, consider a breast augmentation operation because they dream of having one more size.

However, we also often find the other extreme, women who consider a breast reduction. The truth is that, sometimes, having large breasts can have negative consequences for a woman's health and cause severe back pain.

The first part of our spine supports the rib cage and, on the outside of this, the breasts are located. That is why the spine of women with large breasts has to support excessive weight, which can cause back pain.

Thus, the back is one of the areas that suffers the most with a high chest size. In addition, the pain can be constant if it is accompanied by bad postures and exercises to strengthen the spine are not practiced, causing a lack of tone that overloads the muscles.

Tips to relieve back pain due to large breasts

If you are one of those women who suffers from back pain due to large breasts, the following tips from experts at Sanitas may interest you:

Tips to relieve back pain by large breasts

Lastly, these experts say that if back pain cannot be relieved with these guidelines, it's important to talk to an expert and consider breast reduction.

Is breast reduction the most recommended option?

From the Spanish Institute of Plastic Surgery they explain that there is a large number of women who claim to suffer from back pain related to the size of their breasts, Therefore, it is a common ailment that decisively affects the lifestyle of those who suffer from it.

There are women who admit to not finding bras in their size that fit them well without hurting them. In addition, others stop practicing sports because of the inconvenience it entails, they adopt bad postures or avoid wearing certain clothes.

As a result of these problems, there are many women who decide to undergo breast reduction surgery, an intervention that does not usually last more than 145 minutes and with a postoperative period with little discomfort.

However, before taking the final step to perform this surgical intervention, Dr. Marco Antonio Amaya, an expert from the Spanish Institute of Plastic Surgery, explains that it is necessary to know all the possible options and look for a good professional.

This specialist advises that it is important to find the center or doctor who advises and accompanies the patient throughout the entire process, from the decision making to the postoperative period.

In addition, Dr. Amaya explains that each case must be studied individually, since it is important to decide "the suitability of the intervention" and "the technique that will provide the best results."

Thus, this expert assures that the surgery allows women to recover a good posture, relieve back discomfort, improve their self-esteem and once again enjoy sporting activity.

This information does not replace in any way the diagnosis or prescription by a doctor. It is important to go to a specialist when symptoms appear in case of illness and never self-medicate.
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