Wear under the culotte, yes or no?

Although for experienced cyclists the answer is obvious, many are the people who, due to ignorance or lack of experience, still make use of underwear under a garment as technical as the culotte of cycling equipment.Is it necessary to wear under the culotte?Of course not, and it is even counterproductive because, if so, the culote loses all the benefits for which it has been designed: favor the comfort and performance of the cyclist and prevent the appearance of bacteria and bad odors derived from sweat.

Underwear?No, thanks

The culotte of a cycling equipment is composed of two indivisible elements: the culotte itself, and the Badana.The latter is responsible for protecting the noblest parts of any athlete and is designed solely and exclusively to be used in direct contact with the skin, without underwear in between.The function of the Badana is extremely important: on the one hand, it prevents friction and bruises along with the necessary comfort to shoot for hours above a bicycle;And on the other, it avoids the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and other undesirable elements, in addition to avoiding the appearance of bad odors.

Llevar ropa interior bajo el culotte, ¿sí o no?

With regard to Culotte and like many other sports techniques, it is made of special fabrics whose function is none other than becoming a second skin to, on the one hand, favor the performance of the cyclist by means of different mechanisms (perspiration, muscle compression, aerodynamics, etc.) and on the other to provide skin protection against aggressive elements such as UV rays of the sun, slight friction or insect bites, among others.

Wearing under a culotte is, to call it in some way, a sports sin.With underwear or panties under the technical garment, all the advantages for which it has been originally designed, in addition to opening the door to the type of problem: friction by seams and folds, proliferation of bacteria and fungi due to the accumulation of sweat and, bad smell, very bad smell.In the case of women and menstruation periods, in the market there are special culottes designed exclusively for those days of the month in which, depending on women, a hygienic buffer can be insufficient.One way or another, Culotte and underwear has never been a good combination.